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  1. Thanks for the pics Colin. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Boise. It really is a great city. I'll have some pictures of my hometown of Coeur d'Alene, in northern Idaho, posted in a few days.
  2. North Idaho Projects-mid 2007 version: Here's a quick rundown of some of the projects in the area: Parkside Tower-Currently under construction, it will be 20 stories (213 feet) when completed. http://www.millerstauffer.com/pj_parksidehome.htm Riverstone Development-160 acre mixed-use development along the Spokane River. Upon completion, an estimated 2,500 people will live and another 5,000 will work at Riverstone. It will include 4 165' towers. Riverstone will also include a waterfront outdoor amphitheater; 2 story parking garage; 14-screen Regal Cinemas; Hampton Inn & Suites and Marriott Residence Inn; 10-acre public park which includes a six-acre man-made lake with a 60-foot spire fountain; and 4,808 feet of frontage on the Spokane River on which a waterfront public boardwalk at Bellerive. [$475 million in total investment is anticipated.] http://www.riverstonedistrict.com./ The 4 Riverstone Towers are tentatively going to look like this: The Terraces-A 6 story Hagadone Corporation development on Lake Coeur d'Alene next to the Cd'A Resort Golf Course. http://www.theterracescda.com/ Kroc Community Center-New community center for North Idaho provided by Joan Kroc (wife of McDonald's founder) & the Salvation Army. http://www.salvationarmycda.org/ Post Falls Landing-A 235 acre mixed use development in downtown Post Falls along the Spokane River, including a hotel, condos, and a convention center. http://www.postfallslanding.com/ 609 Sherman-7 story condo building on Sherman Avenue in dowtown Coeur d'Alene. Coeur d'Alene Library-New 3 story downtown library overlooking Tubbs Hill and Lake Cd'A. http://www.cdalibrary.org/ More projects underway in the Coeur d'Alene Area (I know the residential projects aren't as cool, but I posted information about them because of the large-scale size and expense of the projects): RiverView Tower Across the street from the Riverstone Development 4 story office building with one floor of underground parking The building will have 180-degree panorama views of Lake Coeur d
  3. The work in Riverstone is continuing along as scheduled, though there is still no news on the 4 165' towers Here's a pic of what the proposed towers will look like: In other news, Parkside construction is moving along well. It looks like they are beginning on the third floor: http://www.cdapress.com/articles/200...ness/bus01.txt The Village at Riverstone expands Posted: Saturday, Mar 31, 2007 - 07:05:40 pm PDT By RICK THOMAS Staff writer RICK THOMAS/Press Trucks loaded with dirt from the excavation for Buildings B and C of The Village at Riverstone is hauled a few blocks away to continue filling the former gravel pit at the west end of the project. Project begins by tearing out parking lot that fronts the Regal Cinemas, inconvenience expected to only last until fall COEUR d'ALENE -- Rome wasn't built in a day -- and the rest of Europe took millennia. But a major piece Coeur d'Alene version is expected to be completed before the end of this year. Developer John Stone calls The Village at Riverstone a "European-style wellness community," with ample opportunities for entertainment, shopping and recreation without the need to get in a car. To begin the project, the first thing was to tear out the parking lot fronting the Regal Cinemas, the focal point of The Village --but the inconvenience is only expected to last until fall. Upon completion, an estimated 2,500 people will live and another 5,000 will work at Riverstone. Riverstone includes the following amenities:
  4. 4 new towers in Boise! First phase would have a 23 story tower connected with a 6 story tower. The future phase will include a 9 story building and a 7 story building...Things are looking good in Boise with Boise Place, The Aspen, and other projects going up in Idaho's capital. Idaho Business Review article Idaho developers plan 23-story building at Rescue Mission site in downtown Boise POSTED: 14:40 MST Friday, February 9, 2007 by Lora Volkert The Boise Rescue Mission homeless shelter on Front Street could make way for up to 23 stories of condominiums, parking, retail and office. Clay Carley has partnered with developer Gary Christensen to develop two blocks between Fifth, Sixth, Front and Main streets, including the Boise Rescue Mission site, into what Carley terms a socially and environmentally sustainable community. Christensen and Carley have submitted plans for the first phase of the project - half a block on Front now occupied by the Rescue Mission and Loma
  5. For the Riverstone Project in the NW corner of the city, the developer has proposed building 4 165' towers which should look like this: The architect for the towers, Miller Stauffer, is the same architect that is currently building Parkside Tower and the Vox Tower in Spokane (Spokane's new tallest building, which will be 33 floors 350') Miller Stauffer Riverstone is coming along nicely. The 15-screen AMC movie theater has been open for a year and a half. Starbucks, Coldstone Creamery, San Francisco Sourdough, and Joey's Smokin' BBQ are all open. Work on a new city park in Riverstone is underway, as is the 6-story Hampton Inn and a 2-story parking garage. Riverstone District
  6. Courtesy of Boise Convention & Visitor's Bureau
  7. Some pictures of Coeur d'Alene taken last month. Sorry about the low-quality of some of the pictures: Cd'A Resort (tallest bldg. in Idaho outside of Boise-216ft.) 609 Sherman Avenue (7 story bldg. downtown) McEuen Terrace (171ft.) The Terraces (6 story bldg. overlooking the Cd'A Resort Golf Course) Cd'A Resort Golf Course (has the world's only floating golf green) A view of downtown from about 2 miles away. The trees are around 90-100ft., so only the tallest buildings can be seen from this viewpoint
  8. Here's a screenshot from the Parkside Tower construction webcam. I also included a link to the cam. Construction on the 213 ft. tower is progressing well. The 2-story underground parking structure is nearly complete. Commercial tenants should be able to move in around December, with residents following around April of next year. Parkside Tower webcam
  9. Here's a list of some of the projects in the North Idaho area. This is certainly not an exhaustive list. I'll try to update this information when I can: Coeur d'Alene: Parkside Tower-currently under construction, will be 20 stories (216 feet) when completed Parkside Tower Riverstone Development-100 acre mixed use development along the Spokane River, will eventually include a 13-16 story residential/commerical tower Riverstone Development The Terraces-a 6 story Hagadone Corporation development on Lake Coeur d'Alene next to the Cd'A Resort Golf Course The Terraces Kroc Community Center-new community center for North Idaho provided by Joan Kroc (wife of McDonald's founder) & the Salvation Army Kroc Community Center Post Falls Post Falls Landing-a 235 acre mixed use development in downtown Post Falls along the Spokane River Post Falls Landing
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