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  1. OrlandoMagic3

    Amway Center

    I pass by it everyday..I could take some shots on my cam if you guys want..I just dont like bringing my camera to downtown where some thief might break into my stuff.
  2. OrlandoMagic3

    Amway Center

    very cool indeed..is it just me or does this arena seem half tghe size of the current one? I mean i can walk from one end to the other in less than a minute...the current arena complex seemed huge....
  3. OrlandoMagic3

    Amway Center

    there is already a nice drycleaner there on church
  4. OrlandoMagic3

    Amway Center

    which leaves other areas to have retail around the area. may not be a bad thing. looks nice. which lot is this gonna be on exactly? adjacent to divison and south?
  5. i don't see whats so special about sweets by holly..at least the overpriced cupcakes. It wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be...cool theme going inside...nicely decorated food items..but taste wise..its just not 'amazing'. What about their other items? anyone know if its worth giong back to try the yoguts etc.
  6. Yeah, they have one on Winter Park as well. I just browsed their website and they did a really nice job with everything.
  7. spice modern steakhouse = good food and atmosphre
  8. what happened to the proposed "patch up" they were planning on doing to the street fronts on church street? thanks for posting that!
  9. I would really love to read that article. Anyone have access to it by any chance and want to PM me
  10. OrlandoMagic3

    Amway Center

    Those apartments on division and church need to be torn down or heavily remodeled. They are so old and ugly.
  11. OrlandoMagic3

    Amway Center

    From what it looks like on the 'masterplan' pic above, it could be a parking garage. Anyone know whats happening to the "north" of city vue and to the 'west" of it according to this picture? I know they paid big $$$ for the land there. If they used the funny structure to reprent a parking garage, it looks like there may be 3 more?
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