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  1. Great, Glad to here some good news about stores instead of closings.
  2. New Business Coming to Middle Georgia http://www.fox24.com/article.asp?pkid=15379
  3. Probably so because if Costco came to the Market it would surely give Sam's a run for the money.......I hope Costco does comes and Both Costco and Sams do well together in the Macon Market.
  4. Thats Great..................I hope it goes though....
  6. Wow the economy is hitting hard.......
  7. Macon's Ingleside area may get New retail, office development Plans are to demolish the existing buildings - one of which has been used for commercial purposes - and build a new 19,200-square-foot building with retail on the first floor and offices on the second floor. The site would be accessed from Ingleside and Rogers avenues. http://www.macon.com/102/story/476255.html
  8. Well according to the Bibb county planning & zoning website the permit was for a new stand along At&t store like the new one verizon just completed next to Sutton acura....
  9. oh ok, so at&t is building a new store up there too...
  10. where is going to be located, I was in that area yesterday and i saw a newly construction site next to the dealership across the street from the shoppes at river crossing.
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