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  1. North Macon Towne Centre
  2. The Shoppes at River Crossing

    that would be great if PF Changs or Ruth Chris or Both came.....On thing about Macon is that people here usually support good higher end restaurants.
  3. Macon Mall

    thats great News..... hope they do Have plans to help turn the Mall around...
  4. The Shoppes at River Crossing

    We need some more high end or upscale Restaurant like a Magganio's, PF Chang or something on that level......
  5. Macon Mall

    The difference between the Macon Mall and the Regency Mall(Augusta) was at that time the Augusta region was not ready for 2 Malls. The economy crisis is more of the problem for the Macon Mall, and wrong timing for a new Mall opening in the down fall of the economy. Most of the stores that left the Macon Mall was planning to keep second locations in Macon; The current ones at the Macon Mall and the New ones at the Shoppes at River Crossing. Non of the retailers close due to not enough support in the Macon Market, But more due the Economy's down turn and to cut cost and avoid the same path of circuit city and others. So most retailers chose the new north Macon Mall over the older Macon mall . Right now its very difficult for the Mall staff to find new retailers due to a freeze from retailers not looking to expand there present or create more costs; when people are really not shopping. But I feel if the Macon Mall can sustain until the recovery of the economy it will bounce back.
  6. The Shoppes at River Crossing

    I was at the Shoppes at river crossing and i notice that they have starting to convert the building which was previously supposed to be Circuit city, do anyone know what going in Now........
  7. Downtown Redevelopment

    Yes this is great,DT I'm so excited about this whole project, and this will only spur more growth in the DT area just like brass pro did in North Macon.
  8. Downtown Redevelopment

    This is great news, i wish the economy wasn't so bad, if not they would be probably breaking ground soon......
  9. Downtown Redevelopment

    Yes, that is Greensboro condo, it showed the original look and this is how it looks now.... very attractive high rise ....
  10. Downtown Redevelopment

    I agree.......
  11. Downtown Redevelopment

    He is pics of Baton Rouge's New Court House under construction....... I wish they would develop a high rise for the New Bibb county court house like this.... Also this a new proposed hotel in Downtown Baton Rouge..... these are pics of a new Condo built in DT Greenboro.......Wishful thinking i wish Macon con get a Condo like this.
  12. Macon Mall

  13. Lakeside Commons Bass/Bowsman Rd.

    Great News!!! You heard when ground should break on the Lull water center.
  14. The Shoppes at River Crossing

    I was thinking the other day, the Mall should think of recruiting Burlington and Kohl's as a anchors to replace Dillard's and Parisian's.
  15. The Shoppes at River Crossing

    Oh ok, I hope the Mall comes up with a plan soon.....stores are dropping left and right. i went to the company's website that own the malls and it seem that hundred of mall are suffering the same as the Macon Mall.....