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  1. Yeah I'd still rather have this than cold too
  2. Yeah not letting freshmen park is for the most part impossible considering all the roads surrounding campus and all the areas that still don't have sidewalks. Wouldn't be fair to force them to just get food and other stuff oncampus (which is price jacked)
  3. So that's what that giant cleared area next to UT North is for. Was wondering if that was just going to be another dumb apartment complex glad it isn't. Nice to see them finally adding the sidewalks around here too.
  4. The N E S W codes are just for uptown which of course doesn't really make that much sense to have, imo. Should've just divided it into the wards.
  5. I knew that even if they didn't get past this first round that what they did was a good accomplishment anyway.
  6. Yeah it really is a shame what happened to it, never been to it myself (passed by it once and that was scary enough), it's heyday was long before my time. It's a good study about what poor planning etc does to an area.
  7. Well now it's going to die http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2010/04/18/1384628/end-is-near-for-eastland-mall.html
  8. I can't help but feel a sense of irony that it was us beating the hornets that got us a spot in the playoffs.
  9. Now that MJ owns the team, what a great time for me to pull out my Space Jam basketball
  10. Never heard of that store before
  11. They converted the ice rink there to a soccer thing so that's really not out of the question... It's too bad though Charlotte isn't on the 2018/2022 world cup bid anymore
  12. It's now going to open on Feb 4th
  13. Yeah wouldn't be surprised if they delay it a day or so. Will be nice though when it actually does.
  14. Does that apple store inside UNCC's student union count? Though that's mostly for students/faculty not really general public.. also according to the website it's Jan 30th when it will be opening.
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