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  1. adelosky

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    As a season ticket holder, I absolutely, positively DO NOT want the stadium relocated away from the downtown core.
  2. adelosky

    Buckhead District Developments

    I thought the exact same thing on Wednesday. I drove from Buckhead to Dunwoody up PTree-Dunhoody Rd and noticed a level of pillars next to the parking garage. Are they just laying a foundation or is the building actually going to go up? I didn't see any crane equipment though.
  3. adelosky

    Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    I'm really excited about this. My wife and I were down there in 2006 for the Sarah Blakely foundation kick-off and the interior is still in phenominal shape and hopefully the revitalization of a historic building like this will continue to add to the Peachtree presence in Downtown.
  4. adelosky

    Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    LOL, I love that website. They even have a Dukes of Hazzard then and now which is great.
  5. adelosky

    Buckhead District Developments

    WOW! What a great photo. I work on the 15th at Lenox Towers and even from there the Perimeter area skyline doesn't stand out as much as in this picture. Anyone know what will happen to any future development - if anything - should Dunwoody become incorporated?
  6. adelosky

    Atlanta Sports Talk

    As a 34 year old white male, born and raised Atlantan, life long Falcons fan, and pre-Vick season ticket holder I have to completely not disagree with you . But seriously, that previous year I had almost cancelled my season tickets and when the Falcons made the move up in the draft to get Vick I decided to keep them. It was a bold move for a talented player who could re-energize the fan base and pack the seats. He gave Falcons fans something to look forward to every Sunday (and even some Mondays) which we hadn't had since Deion was around. I honestly believe that if he had stability around him in the coaching staff he would have been a perrenial pro bowler and the Falcons might actually have back to back winning seasons by now.
  7. adelosky

    Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    Just imagine that skyline view with 50 AP in it. Even if it doesn't break ground in '08 or '09, I do hope it eventually gets built. The DT area really needs that 1 more 40+ tower.
  8. adelosky

    Buckhead District Developments

    Well Celeste, I wish you would've asked just a few days ago and I would've snagged one. Regardless, here are photos from my Buckhead/Atlantic Station trek this week:
  9. adelosky

    Buckhead District Developments

    WOW!!! Phipps Tower, Two Alliance, and 3630 are really going to enhance the northern BH skyline. Like I hope I say on the golf course this weekend, "Nice grouping!"
  10. adelosky

    Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    More good news for downtown and the COP area. Looks like the Hard Rock hotel will happen after all...
  11. adelosky

    Atlanta's Regional Rail and Transit Systems.

    Not sure if anyone here's seen this map, but it just doesn't seem to unreasonable that something like this could be developed over a long period of time in our city. I know it would take A LOT of planning, but if a 5, 10, 20 year plan was developed, why couldn't it be done? This is complements of "Citizens for Progressive Transit":
  12. adelosky

    Buckhead District Developments

    Per the ABC: Regent Partners LLC said Monday it has lined up Fresh 2 Order (f2o), a second public restaurant for its mixed-use 50-story development in Buckhead. I'm REALLY excited about this. Working at 3390, there is a substantial lack of convenient and quick places to grab something to eat or a coffee without having to walk into the mall.
  13. adelosky

    Atlanta Photo of the Day

    Now that's what I'm talking about! I just wish there was some development over the right field fence for all on TV to see. Does anybody have any news on anything being redeveloped on the South side near the ballpark?