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  1. This empty property at the corner of Woodruff and Rocky Slope has been available for a long time, but yesterday I noticed new survey flags, ribbons, and paint. Does anyone know what is going on here?
  2. Hales Jewelers "will move from its current location on Haywood Road, where it’s been since 1982, to Verdae, a planned community in Greenville." https://www.nationaljeweler.com/independents/retail-profiles/9283-hale-s-jewelers-set-to-open-new-flagship The article doesn't mention the exact location. Is this next to the new Sumerel building?
  3. Bella Grove is now included on the neighborhoods page of the Verdae website- http://www.verdae.com/bella-grove.php . They have a gallery of the home elevations and a pdf map of the lots for sale. http://www.verdae.com/bella-grove-home-plan-elevations.php
  4. Sorry if my comment was confusing. Yes, Bella Grove is the new neighborhood off of Woodruff that was mentioned on the previous page. That is the one that will connect to Mangum with a 10' cart path. The Ryan Homes neighborhood that GvilleSC referred to as isolated is Bellhaven Village. That is the one that will be connected to Algonquin Trail when construction is complete, so it won't remain isolated from the rest of Hollingsworth Park.
  5. The Ryan neighborhood won't stay isolated. The main road in the development, Algonquin, is planned to loop around and connect with the original Algonquin Trail, which is the dead end road on the north side of the park. Once that is complete it should tie in nicely. The one positive about the cart path connecting Bella Grove to Mangum is that will encourage non-automotive traffic within the neighborhood. I would prefer to see more pedestrians, cyclists, and even golf cart drivers, to additional cars on Rocky Slope.
  6. A restaurant announcement for Legacy Square... finally! http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/stellas-expands-to-verdae-eye-on-february-opening/
  7. Grading for the Bella Grove neighborhood is coming along. It looks like they will be ready to start paving soon.
  8. Good news about the new fire station. They have also recently started to clear roads for the Bella Grove neighborhood (http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/verdae-plans-new-bella-grove-neighborhood/), so construction should be starting soon.
  9. I have heard sometime in the Fall, but does anyone know an opening date for the new REI. I got a postcard in the mail last week that said they are now hiring, so it should be soon.
  10. Today (Tuesday, March 22nd) is the last day to help Greenville County receive four separate grants for the Swamp Rabbit and other trails. You can read more about it here and view the four separate presentations here. Please take a minute to go through these and send a confirmation email to the address provided. The County needs strong public support to secure these grants, so let’s overwhelm them with emails on the final day.
  11. Leadership Greenville Class 37 has set up a Facebook page for their effort to Bring Bike-Sharing to Greenville. Please ‘like’ the page to stay informed about the project and to show your support.
  12. We are possibly getting closer to a bike sharing system in Greenville. B-Cycle was in town this week demonstrating one of their solar powered stations and a few of the bikes. Read more about it and check out some pictures here: http://bikegreenville.blogspot.com/2011/03/bike-sharing-in-greenville.html
  13. We made it to the next round of the Pepsi Grant, so keep voting until December 31st! The two ways to vote are: On the web at http://pep.si/9mxLhq Texting the message “104074” to Pepsi (73774)
  14. SouthernYankee, that was really the first one, but the plan is to make it a monthly event. I am not sure when the next one will take place, but I will post here when I find out.
  15. A great photoset (via Brado) of the "Critical Cruise" ride that took place downtown on Friday afternoon. http://www.flickr.com/photos/brado1/sets/72157624042570253/
  16. Considering the threat of thunderstorms today, we had a decent sized crowd for the Bike to Work Day breakfast and ride with the Mayor. Here is a picture of the group that rode from the Caine Halter YMCA to City Hall before dispersing to ride to work. I'm hoping that it stays dry for my ride home.
  17. May is National Bike Month, so I want to post a reminder about planned activities in Greenville. This Wednesday, the city will be showing Breaking Away for the Moonlight Movie (starting around 8). Bikeville volunteers will be on hand to provide free bike valet for anyone who rides down to the event. Even you you don't ride down, plan to stop by the Bikeville tent to say hi and pick up a little info. Friday is National Bike to Work Day and Greenville will have an event that morning at the Caine Halter Family YMCA. Breakfast will be provided for bike commuters who stop by. There will be a
  18. It is true that a small amount of theft and vandalism is to be expected with a system like this, but I don't think it has been nearly as bad in cities around the world as some sources have made it out to be. Many of the articles about the Velib system in Paris followed a BBC story that exaggerated the problems quite a bit (More on that in this Streetsblog post). Unfortunately, vandalism does happen. Greenville has seen destruction of some of the downtown public art for example, but that does not deter the city from continuing with those kinds of projects. It definitely is something to be aw
  19. There must be a problem with the map page. As it is loading, it shows that we have 564 votes, but then it shifts to 2 when the map fills in. In both cases, it indicates that we are in tenth place nationwide behind mostly bigger cities. The voting for this map used to be tied to email and physical addresses, so you could only vote once, but maybe they have changed it. Or maybe they are just having site problems in conjunctions with the official launch of the program today. If it is not working again in a few days, I'll find out what is going on.
  20. No news lately about B-cycle in Greenville, but we have dropped to third on the "who wants it more" list. I don't think it is the city's highest priority right now with all the other things going on, but it doesn't hurt to keep spreading the word about voting. The program officially launches today in Denver, so it will be interesting to hear how it is received and utilized there.
  21. "Who wants it more?" is an ongoing page on the B-cycle website, so a winner will not be officially announced. It is not really a contest, but more of a tool that we can use to show our local government officials and potential advertisers that there is interest for the program here in Greenville. A representative from B-cycle has already met with a group of City employees. At this point, we just need to keep expressing our support for the project.
  22. Same here. I was traveling last week and didn't check the map for a while. What a pleasant surprise to be in the #1 spot already. Thanks to everyone who added their name.
  23. ...and now we are officially third. I just mentioned it on Twitter. Let's keep it up until we are #1.
  24. Good point! Some of those surrounding communities are growing fast as well. Simpsonville had 6 last time I checked. They take that into consideration when looking at the input coming in. I heard from someone at B-cycle yesterday, and they are definitely noticing what is happening in Greenville. They mentioned us in a tweet as well @bcycle. Keep spreading the word and add your name if you haven't already. We are just a few short of passing Oklahoma City and moving into 3rd nationwide. Pretty impressive for a town this size.
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