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  1. Turns out in the future, Providence is Thunderdome.
  2. Waterplace condo has a third building? What is currently being erected in between there and the Fidelity building?
  3. Does anyone know what they are doing on the grassy knoll across from the mall, next to the station and the Fidelity building? Its all fenced off and rimmed with hay bales..
  4. I find it surprising that some people on here did not know that Apple is the prefered pc/mp3 player/"good" company for the left libbies.. I thought this was widespread knowledge.. My gripes are the same as jims.. I have both a Creative MP3 player and an iPod.. The iPod was a gift, I would not have bought one on my own.. Once it is up and set to my liking, it is far better interface without question.. I have an extensive music collection.. Creative allows easy on easy off, any format, drag and drop like a removable media drive. Apple does not, and now converts your music to ID3 tags automatically, which makes renaming my collection of 200 Gb in iTunes to my desired display format pretty daunting.. (if anyone knows how to import music using the file name on your pc instead of ID3, PLEASE help me out!!) iTunes does not handle big volumes well.. And if you buy a song there, you can only use on iPod.. Which is exactly opposite of what should be the iPod's greatest strength, synergy regardless of medium; PC, car, stereo, mp3 player, etc... Instead, Apple wants you to tote iPod to your stereo, car, etc, thus making your music collection and iPod one and the same.. I didn't know what DRM or ACC were (why ipod and itunes are exclusive).. Now I know the direct reason why I dislike the iPod and interface.. Thanks.. Sometimes you just want to burn a cd.. I'd rather pay $2 a song and be able to use as I please than pay $1 and be a slave to the ipod..
  5. Yes, hit the nail on the head there.. Exactly.. Its the perfect storm in Ankdom, as Segal so eloquently called my world..
  6. jim, that is correct.. Not advocating MD.. Just noting the similarities of purported world domination, thats all.. And MikeR, thanks for the detailed description.. Why are "personal music thingies" called MP3 players generally? While on topic: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/biztech/04/03...e.ap/index.html Interesting.. Antitrust huh.. Wow.. Usually this is a term applied to monopolies or oligopolies.. Must be different in this case, because Apple is not one of those evil things.. Its a socially conscienceious green company.. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070404/ap_on_...een_electronics http://money.cnn.com/2007/04/02/news/compa...rtune/index.htm What is going on here.. Those trendy white iPods and iMacs and iBooks are just another corporate generated unfriendly to the environment item?? How can this be? Is Apple not what people though it was? Maybe those white head phones won't be so hip and posh now. Disclosure: I own an iPod Nano, and a Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra..
  7. I don't hate everyone.. Just monopolies, and people like those who secretly videotaped that Rising Sun lady.. If you fall in the middle of those two extremes, its all good with me for the most part..
  8. Cotuit, you are dead wrong here.. I'm mean when I'm not drunk. I'm upset that Apple appears to be the brand choice of the "look down their nose" set of Whole Food Shoppers, who think they are living a green lifestyle, yet own Apple products.. MikeR, Vista is the next version of Windows.. Same reason for creation as MPEG-4? World domination.. Maybe lied was poor choice of wording.. They "inferred" that these were created in California.. Through case studies, Apple found that the average American has only a 5 word attention span.. But I respect your blind devotion to them.. TheAnk: Wow. Mr. Environmental is also a raging capitalist. That's an interesting combination. MikeR: I hunt quail, TheAnk. They're overpopulated in this region and they're decimating the grubworm population. You got a f%*&ing problem with that? TheAnk: Not as much as I do with your attire, or just your general point of view toward everybody here. But hey, lets go kill some birds. I'm psyched. And yet, every other audio media medium uses MP3 (the bluray comparison is like Betamax vs VHS, and CD vs minidisc by the way, see a trend here??), only Apple uses MPEG-4 or M4A( I'm no techie) for reasons other than natural progression and evolution.. Actually, in that way it is very similar to bluray, in that Sony's greed will once again be a collosal failure like Mini Discs was.. How can you support a company like this yet blast Microsoft.. Do you see the similarity?
  9. All I need to know about Apple is printed on an iPod: "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China" WHAT?? I bet there are no mirrors in Steve Job's house(s).. Who are they kidding with this.. At least other companies don't lie to their consumers.. Translation: "iPods are made by half naked Chinese minor children working for $0.35 a day, but we want you to feel all fuzzy inside, so we'll lead with 'California'".. What makes iTunes different from Windows? I love how Apple takes the stance that Microsoft is a big baddy, a "monoply" who forces people into being windows drones.. iTunes uses a different format than the standard (MP3), so how is that different??
  10. http://money.cnn.com/2007/04/02/news/compa...sion=2007040309 http://blogs.business2.com/greenwombat/200...pple_ipod_.html Wonder what all you neuvo hippie ipod wearers and iMac buyers think of the fact that Apple is horrific for profit company no better than Microsoft.. All your links on your iMac to cruelty free meat vendors and home grown hydroponic patchouli are housed on a machine that an evil corporation produced... Stings a bit huh.. While on topic, is there anyone more smarmy than The Mac Guy from Mac & PC commercials? I wouldn't buy a Mac just cause that guy is associated with them..
  11. I find the term "majority minority" extremely humorous..
  12. I don't understand.. When a project is built with no affordable housing, people complain.. Forcing out current residents.. When a project is built WITH affordable housing, people complain.. Keeping too many current residents... No matter what, there is no winning.. I'm completely convinced that RI people would like no change whatsoever, forever.. "I change by not changing at all"... The truth of the matter is.. There are poor neighborhoods in Providence.. There are poor neighborhoods in every city.. There are projects all over Providence.. Some are more prominent than others.. Take Manton Heights; you know its there, you drive by the green facade every day.. But it goes down the hill; its huge.. They are a necessary evil.. You need to house a certain portion of our people.. I don't agree with the concept, but I understand it.. The government is keeping low income or no income people from a life of certain crime by assisting their living.. Is it the best solution, no.. Is it working, sort of.. Its a band aid fix, but real change is too hard.. People of like income and social status tend to live near one another.. Thats how neighborhoods work.. I have to say that Providence, more than ANY city I have been to has the most good block, bad block, naked baby block, mansion block mixes than any where else..
  13. Autocad (or whatever the kids use nowadays) snobs...
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