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  1. Good news: Rex is gonna open a Urgent/Primary Care center in the old St. Agnes hospital: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/06/19/2150017/southeast-raleigh-to-get-new-community.html
  2. ^Greenshields spot woud've been great. Is the space that Wild Ginger left big enough for them? I'm guessing not. Hmmmm.
  3. The Rapid Fitness is open now...although they don't even have a sign on the building yet. And some type of art gallary-slash-gift shop has opened in the little retail space next to the Pharmacy. Dunno much about them but they had a First Friday flag out recently. The old Rosie's plate is still empty. Though in the neighborhood there's a rumor that folks in the neighborhood are trying to convince the owner of Baja Burrito to open a second location there. (Good idea I think.) But that's just a fleeting rumor.
  4. Wake County is buying the old Coca-Cola plant on South Wilmington Street and turning it into a vocational/technical high school. http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/03/29/1968000/vocational-high-school-proposed.html
  5. This summer, the city is re-doing the lanes on the current 5-lane stretch of Hillsborough Street between Oberlin and Ashe: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/03/20/1948118/raleigh-tries-to-appease-all-sides.html One lane in each direction, plus keeping the middle turn lane. Bike lanes, and street parking on the eastbound lane. I think it's a good compromise, and it should be relatively easy and low-budget for the city to do.
  6. ^Well I definitely like your optimism. Though I would be surprised if they wanted something that big here. First building that came to my mind is that 7 story office building on Fayetteville street that's been sitting empty between Exchange Plaza and Market Plaza. It could use some minor work but otherwise it's a good solid building. (Would be kinda convenient for them, too...they could entertain business clients next door at the Mint whenever they wanted to.)
  7. Another report with a bit more detail on the Person Plaza development: http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/grocery-store-finally-coming-to-downtown-raleigh/Content?oid=2866792
  8. Update for this thread.... Phydeaux Pet shop is open in the capital city grocery space and Tyler's taproom is open. Most of Seaboard Station is full now...yet the owner filed for bankruptcy this week. Wow.
  9. Latest on the North Person area. This topic is due for updating. PieBird of course has been open a while and is probably the most popular spot in the neighborhood next to Krispy Kreme. A salon just recentlyo opened next to it too, and some of the other store fronts are trying to fill up. We still need something good in the old Rosie's Plate spot. (I think it'd be perfect for a burrito shop myself...Chubby's anyone? LOL) As many know the old Super 10 is becoming the latest version of Rapid Fitness. I kinda like the idea of more than one gym (O2 Seaboard, currently) being downtown, though this seems awfully close together. But competition is good regardless. Ok now to Person/Franklin Plaza. City Farm project is still in the works. But today I saw this article in New Raleigh and my jaw hit the ground: http://www.newraleigh.com/article/market-restaurant-and-escazu-moving/ Market and Escazu may be moving there. Also, a bakery called Yellow Dog. All I can say is if this info is correct and it happens, this would be heaven. (I live nearby.) Crossing my fingers. Also if anyone's interested, since much of this area is technically outside of the Downtown Alliance boundaries (which seems weird to me), the businesses have started their own minature version called the Person Street Partnership: http://www.mordecaicac.org/partnerships
  10. The architecture style shown in the drawings does fit the area well. More residential will help keep the retail/dining options (and hours) better too.
  11. Yeah, hard to re-create the current Sadlack's spot. I kinda wonder where else they could go....you'd have to go pretty far west (or east) to find another similar-sized opening.
  12. ^ Oh trust me I know! Last time I tried to move back downtown I searched about 3 1/2 weeks almost 24/7 to find what I got now (and I still consider it on the far upper end of my affordability range). And you know the Glenwood south area apartments are gonna be high...just look at the rates for Tucker and Hue. But like you said, more units available out there can only help the situation...even if by a slight amount. Love to see it get to a point of some competition.
  13. Not strange, but genius if you ask me. With the opening of Green Square, the upcoming Nature Research Center next to it, the new SECU building going up and the state bar building a new HQ on Edenton Street, any apartments going up on that corner would surely fill up fast (presuming they don't cost a ridiculous price). With all the talk of new apartments going up on the west side at Glenwood South and West Morgan areas, I was worried that areas east of the capital were being ignored, so it's a great idea to put something at this spot!
  14. The Hillsborough Street Partnership will be having a public workshop for future work on Hillsborough Street March 26: http://southwestraleigh.com/2011/02/hillsborough-street-workshop-on-march-26/
  15. And now there's news of Chick-fil-A going in near the Rite Aid: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/business/plans-filed-for-cameron-village-chick-fil-a-in-raleigh Frankly though, I say, no thanks.
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