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  1. Not to get all political but with Barack and Hillary both talking about pumping all this money into U.S. infrastructure, maybe, just maybe money can be thrown to these metro areas to do mass transit properly (yeah I know, its a pipe dream) This isn't necessarily about Nashville, but it talks about America's mass transit issues from 1979. Great read link
  2. ^^ Elevated or submerged is what I think is the best way to go in many areas.
  3. Phofks, you think maybe they could do elevated commuter rail through the downtown? That sounds a bit more feasible.
  4. I have flown to and from south florida four times. The first time the plane was 15 on board IF that. Back was packed and the last time to and from we were like sardines in that thing.
  5. Hey guys, Has transit authority there said anything about what they will do for mass transit with in city limits? i.e. will the bring subway or elevated train or light rail to Nashville in the distant future?
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