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  1. An OCCC stop for Brightline just doesn't make sense to me (and I don't have a dog in this particular hunt). A Disney stop makes some sense. Families take the train to Disney Spring, then transfer to their hotels on whatever system Disney puts into place. It could be practical. But conventioneers taking a train to the OCCC? They'll do what exactly? Drag their suitcases through the concourses? Lug their suitcases down the street to whatever hotel they might be staying at? It doesn't seem practical, and if it's not practical, it won't work (at least not in large enough numbers). Plus,
  2. Excellent insight. Very helpful. Sad about Hoods Up. It keeps getting tagged. Could be a cool space. One day soon I hope.
  3. An earlier poster noted that these latest plans (and I agree with the group consensus that the plans are mediocre at best) are just another stalling tactic and will not see the light of day. That being said, I'm increasingly dismayed by the city's lack of concern about blighted abandoned or underused properties like Fashion Square, the old Hoods Up on Bumby, the abandoned Kmart on Semoran, the sketchy abandoned Massage School on Crystal Lake, etc. It's bad for the city and the local neighborhoods, and if I ran the world I'd use the power of code enforcement to my full advantage.
  4. I hate living close to the Curry Ford DQ - bad for my girlish figure. Also - the limited edition Pecan Pie Blizzard is top notch.
  5. I wouldn't underestimate the ongoing impact of COVID, either. The pandemic has disrupted how many corporate entities operate (i.e., larger remote workforce), which in turn impacts supporting businesses (restaurants, bars, etc.). It's also been disruptive to public entities (UCV/Valencia using remote learning, courts not fully up and running, etc.). And for a triple whammy, events are at a near standstill (and that's the lifeblood for a lot of the Church Street biz).
  6. The ATMs at that Chase have been busted for weeks. Driving me nuts.
  7. Great news. They were doing demo when I ran by yesterday.
  8. FLClarkKent


    I preferred the one in Fashion Square. But the one in Daytona at the Volusia Square Mall had the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. And I’m from Alabama, so I’m an authority on fried chicken.
  9. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing! I think Lake Wales is another inland town with great potential. It's biggest disadvantage in my opinion is that it seems/feels very disconnected and remote. It's one of those places that would be a boom town if it were on a commuter line like SunRail.
  10. I agree. It'll be interesting to see. My hunch is that people will venture from Eola - visually, it is very inviting. Something about the curve in the road makes it appear closer to the park. I'm also curious if the retail will get decent day/lunch traffic with not just the courthouse, but with the office buildings that front Robinson and the Fifth Third bank building (can't recall the name off the top of my head).
  11. Looks like one of the retail tenants is going to a Taiwanese tea chain. https://bungalower.com/2021/05/16/new-taiwanese-tea-shop-opening-in-downtown-high-rise/
  12. Not quite downtown, but the Greenwood Wetlands Park is an unofficial dog park (for better or worse, depending on your viewpoint). Most folks tend to let their dogs off leash there. Short drive away for folks downtown. A little longer of a drive is the dog park at the Park of America (due east of the Executive Airport). It's a really nice dog park, with areas for big dogs and little dogs. To you point, there are some parks the city could repurpose/optimize. Festival Park, for instance, always seems like there's an abundance of space (particularly on the western half, which doesn't get
  13. It's crazy how built up this part of town has become. Ate outdoors at the Greek place, and it's just wild seeing the apartments across the tracks - just massive. Density!
  14. Went there once after a scenic boat tour. Nice museum, small but interesting stuff. And free from what I can recall.
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