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  1. Hourglass District

    FYI: Road diet not eating into the crowds at Claddagh Pub’s grand opening. Packed house. Italian joint across the street was hopping, too. All to the chagrin of a side street homeowner complaining about cars parking near his house.
  2. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Great map! Thanks!!
  3. Hourglass District

    I live in the 'hood and haven't found the changes to be any issue. Took a day or two to get used to, that's about it. I strongly disagree with the project's critics. I'd prefer slightly heavier traffic to excessive speeds down Curry Ford. And while I'm not a business owner in the area, I question the reports that businesses are being devastated. I would like some facts on that, as my observations don't align with that. (Try finding a seat at La Fiesta at 6 on a Friday....hell, even the Sad Winn Dixie is still crowded.)
  4. A few quick shots from today. Sorry for the quality, just a drive by.
  5. Comparing Orlando...

    Interesting points all around. To me, about the only US city in which an apple-to-apples comparison with Orlando works is Las Vegas. Both young Sun Belt cities with explosive growth driven by tourism interests. In that match up, I think Orlando has done a great job of creating a sense of place beyond the tourism areas. Hard to compare our city to places like Nashville and Austin. Both were significant capital cities long before Orlando was a blip on the map. Being a capital carries quite a bit of cache, as well as provides a sizable workforce downtown. Nashville, like Charlotte and Portland -- two other cities mentioned in the thread -- is also the leading city in the state. It might be hard to quantify, but there's something to be said for being the biggest city in your state. That's where all of your state's industry congregates. Even the leading cities in smaller states, Oklahoma City, Birmingham, etc., have more a corporate presence. Orlando is competing with Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville, with places like Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg and other cities not too far behind.
  6. To keep us on topic about this particular project.... i drive by the site daily on my commute. It’s one of the smallest footprints got a new building don’t I’ve seen in downtown. It’s a small lot compared with Modera. Looking forward to seeing it go up.
  7. Hourglass District

    This is great. I hope it becomes permanent.
  8. Captial Plaza III

    Pretty sweet.
  9. 55 West

    The colors are "slimming."
  10. We're in the Lake Underhill 'hood, and this is the closest grocery store to us. We call it the "Sad Winn Dixie" because, well, it's just sad. My feeling is that the store's days are numbered, especially with Lucky's opening in the old Sports Authority on Colonial. That will be just as convenient for us and a lot of other folks in the neighborhood. The most interesting thing about that store is that the strip center in which it's a part has really seen a resurgence during the past four or five years. Some good local restaurants (La Fiesta, JJ's, Theo's) and good watering holes (Ocean Sun and Roque Pub). Hard to find a parking spot in the evenings.
  11. I’d give good a portion of my high-paying salary to avoid having to read your highly repetitive posts.
  12. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Universal starting to look dense.
  13. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Not great quality, but a slightly different angle of downtown (from the Hyatt Regency on I-Drive).
  14. Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    Drove by today. Bulk of trees are outside construction fence, and appear to be in the city's right of way.