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  1. A powerful blow to the Cock Block.
  2. I wasn’t wild about the proposal, but excited that the city was taking a new approach to address an old problem (how to better connect the downtown code to the Parramore neighborhood). I’m bummed because it seems the city is ditching any kind of approach to improving the area in favor of just going back to how it’s always been.
  3. Definitely a product of its time. See it’s cousin in Birmingham (built at roughly the same time, but w/o teal).
  4. I was never fully sold on the concept. I just can’t see many folks clamoring to play in a park under the highway.
  5. Took a trip down I4 last night. I find the decorative lights at the various exit exchanges to be very distracting. Fortunately only about half were working properly. Doesn’t bode well for the long term.
  6. I actually kind of like Ferg's. It was laid back and had a good ambience, thanks to the character of the station. It was a great spot to grab a drink and/or bite to eat before going to the Amway, Lions match, etc.
  7. It boggles my mind that it's taken this long to even get close to a redevelopment plan. We're one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, and one would think that savvy developers would be rushing to redo every available piece of land in that neck of the woods.
  8. Setting the aesthetics aside, I don't understand the business plan. Are they proposing a bar/restaurant? If so, how would that be different from Ferg's, which did not succeed in the space? I'm not a business guy, but that doesn't seem like a plan for success.
  9. Agreed that OSI has the same vibe as Allegiant (i.e., low cost + low class). I only fly Allegiant for quick access to my family in East Tennessee. Hard to beat a direct flight, and I can deal with the lack of amenities for a short flight that doesn't stop in Atlanta or Charlotte.
  10. Just flew into OSI/SFB this week (and boy are my arms tired). Just like that pun, OSI continues to be a stale, tired joke of an airport. The design of the expansion (aesthetics and functionality) is terrible. TSA area is larger than it used to be, but the new layout still produces bottlenecks. The new "food court" is tucked off to the side and far from most of the new gates. Not that it matters, because on my trip this week none of the new dining and retail options were open (on both my outbound and inbound trips). In fact, there was only one dining option open in the entire airport ( a rather sad looking Cheeburger Cheeburger). Maybe it's staffing shortages, or maybe the airport leadership just doesn't care. My hunch is the latter. I've been flying out of there for years, as Allegiant offers the easiest way to get to where my family lives. And this airport has always had a half-ass approach to its operations. They've got Allegiant locked in and will continue to do the bare minimum as they have that market squarely captured. And what makes it all the more pathetic is that while you can't compare it to major airports like MCO (that's apples to oranges), you can compare it to small and mid-size regional airports. And there it falls far short. I regularly fly into in Knoxville, Tennessee. That airport is bright, clean, modern and has amenities that are actually open. A shocking concept. End of rant.
  11. We could also run SunRail more frequently, on weekend and holidays.
  12. Brick columns with a metal fence.
  13. I ran on it (the completed parts at least) a few times last week. It’s nice. Another added plus: the chain link fence of the cemetery was upgraded to a brick/metal fence. Much nicer, and better suited to the cemetery’s history and importance.
  14. I'm no traffic engineer but this seems less than optimal. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/crime/os-ne-deadly-crash-i4-sr408-20220606-ah7z2lltlzg2zprb4lgg34qf5y-story.html
  15. Disney opening a retail/ticket store in the Hollywood Plaza garage on I-Drive near Sand Lake Road. Also wrapping the garage with a two-story video screen. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-et-disney-video-screen-international-drive-interstate-4-billboard-sand-lake-20220520-ewmq3dvtongy5ih4mapjvhkhze-story.html
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