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  1. It's not too terrible. The walkway is actually below the roadway, so there's more separation than you first might think.
  2. The mural looks great. Will try to grab a photo on my way home.
  3. While this is no doubt a complex land deal (what with the various property owners, multiple leases, etc. ), I find it thoroughly depressing that construction won't begin until late 2021. Guess we get to continue the mall decay and become an even bigger blight. I wish the city were more aggressive in tackling issues such as this. With our status as one of the fastest growing metros in one of the fastest growing states, there's little excuse for such highly-visible urban decay. You'd think there would be developers lined up around the block for such a prime piece of real estate.
  4. From my vantage point, there's been an uptick of OPD presence downtown this month. Maybe related to opening of downtown UCF/Valencia campus. But I've seen more police on foot and on bike downtown than I've seen in quite some time, Just this morning they were moving a few homeless folks away from the Magnolia/Central 7-11. Oh, thank heaven, as the joke around here goes.
  5. Same architect. Very similar design, but about half the height. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BOK_Tower My folks lived in Tulsa for several years. It's a cool town, and the downtown boats some amazing art deco architecture. But Tulsa had its boom when Orlando was little more than orange groves, so it's hard to compare the two. To continue the theme, it's an orange to apples comparison.
  6. You also get some corporate events and weddings that would not appear on the calendar. Not quite as big of a draw as a Broadway show in the Disney Theater, but you'd still get some heads in beds.
  7. While I usually hate seeing trees taken down, this lot looks better cleaned up. Also saw this sign on the lot today during a trip to the library.
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