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  1. While I usually hate seeing trees taken down, this lot looks better cleaned up. Also saw this sign on the lot today during a trip to the library.
  2. Would be cool if they could get some kind of grocery store over there. Don't know if that part of downtown has the residential mass just yet, but you'll have Radius, plus Vue, SkyHouse and the local 'hood (is it Eola Heights neighborhood?). I know the Publix on Central isn't that far via car, but I certainly wouldn't want to lug a lot of groceries acround the lake on foot.
  3. I know this isn’t the right thread (but it’s adjacent!), but the Travel Lodge has closed. Signage down, notices on the lobby door. Next step - demo? If so, quite the transformation for this corner of downtown.
  4. The view from I4 (while at a full stop near the Anderson exit).
  5. Exactly this. That lot (and the empty building next to it) has been an eyesore for as long as I can remember. The design is nothing to write home about, but it will improve the whole vibe of the area. Hopefully it will help jump start the demo of the Travelodge, too.
  6. Looked to be some type of soil boring equipment on site, as well.
  7. Additional equipment on site today. No fencing up, but some "detour" signs on some of the sidewalks around the property.
  8. Where is the Tijuana Flats opening? Morgan and Morgan building? I don't think it looks bad on the inside, aside from wear and tear on the theater seats. Certainly looks a lot more modern than the Regal at Winter Park Village. The purple/teal/neon is vintage early 90s.
  9. Looking good. I can never seem to get my bearings with these projects in Creative Village. Is this building where the old arena was located, or adjacent to the site?
  10. What an amazing transformation for that part of downtown if both Zoi House and Golden Sparrow are built. Insta-dense.
  11. I'm bummed that my neighborhood ABC shuttered its doors recently. However, my liver and wallet are relieved it's closed. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/10/01/abc-fine-wine-and-spirits-on-curry-ford-just-closed
  12. Would help that area a lot. Walked to Orange from the Bob Carr the other night, and it's pretty dead.
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