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  1. Disney opening a retail/ticket store in the Hollywood Plaza garage on I-Drive near Sand Lake Road. Also wrapping the garage with a two-story video screen. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-et-disney-video-screen-international-drive-interstate-4-billboard-sand-lake-20220520-ewmq3dvtongy5ih4mapjvhkhze-story.html
  2. Courtesy of my TV and the Channel 9 downtown camera.
  3. An actual map would be helpful, as I can't tell if this piecemeal approach makes sense. I get Brightline to MCO. I can certainly see it being attractive to a wide array of riders. But Brightline to I-Drive/OCCC and/or Disney would only be attractive to tourists. And only then, a slice of tourists, particularly the I-Drive/OCCC stop(s). If I'm attending a convention via Brightline, I'd have to be either a South Florida resident who hops on the train or someone who flew into South Florida (for some reason) and then take the train to my convention in Orlando. And then I have to factor in where does Brightline drop me off? At the OCCC or near my hotel? I suppose you would get some tourists who want to split their time between South Florida and Orlando/Disney. Those might choose to take a train. What's missing to me is service for people who actually live in Orlando. Why would anyone take Brightline locally? And if SunRail follows a Brightline route (which caters to visitors), will it be attractive to workers? Maybe, but it's hard for me to visualize without a map. I feel like we're being let down by our local leaders, who are trying to leverage existing or proposed methods of transportation in a piecemeal fashion -- rather than looking at the needs of the entire community (workers, residents, visitors, tourists, etc.) holistically and then coming up with a vision, strategy and solutions.
  4. Ran by this morning. They've staked out where the new fence line for Greenwood will be.
  5. I used them once, didn't care for the experience. I had assumed that there were be separate entry/exits throughout, but it seems to just dump you into the fast lane of I4 at certain points.
  6. Did the Trophy Room open today in Modera? There was a long queue along Rosalind early this morning. Looks like folks were camping out for something (and I doubt for the DXG). Haven't see any signage over there, so not sure.
  7. I vote for no connection between the garages, allowing only for “Dukes of Hazzard” style jumps between buildings. Charge extra, it becomes a tourist attraction, spurring additional growth downtown, making DTO the envy of all!
  8. It's almost as if they are hedging their bets that this B&N will also close.
  9. Any press is good press, as the saying goes. And sometimes that’s true. I’ve never heard of this artist, and wasn’t aware of the exhibit at OMA until now.
  10. Work is underway at the old “Dog Mahal” site on the northeast corner of Primrose and Curry Ford. Original plans called for the relocation of the F&D Italian restaurant and additional retail.
  11. Huge impact as you’re approaching downtown on I4.
  12. Interesting design, but much smaller in person than renderings and photos suggest.
  13. Went there today. Not too shabby! Their chicken is pretty tasty, as well.
  14. An OCCC stop for Brightline just doesn't make sense to me (and I don't have a dog in this particular hunt). A Disney stop makes some sense. Families take the train to Disney Spring, then transfer to their hotels on whatever system Disney puts into place. It could be practical. But conventioneers taking a train to the OCCC? They'll do what exactly? Drag their suitcases through the concourses? Lug their suitcases down the street to whatever hotel they might be staying at? It doesn't seem practical, and if it's not practical, it won't work (at least not in large enough numbers). Plus, the people who work these conventions (the meeting planners, conference teams/staff, A/V professionals, etc.) won't use a train. Again, it just doesn't seem like a recipe for success.
  15. Excellent insight. Very helpful. Sad about Hoods Up. It keeps getting tagged. Could be a cool space. One day soon I hope.
  16. An earlier poster noted that these latest plans (and I agree with the group consensus that the plans are mediocre at best) are just another stalling tactic and will not see the light of day. That being said, I'm increasingly dismayed by the city's lack of concern about blighted abandoned or underused properties like Fashion Square, the old Hoods Up on Bumby, the abandoned Kmart on Semoran, the sketchy abandoned Massage School on Crystal Lake, etc. It's bad for the city and the local neighborhoods, and if I ran the world I'd use the power of code enforcement to my full advantage.
  17. I hate living close to the Curry Ford DQ - bad for my girlish figure. Also - the limited edition Pecan Pie Blizzard is top notch.
  18. Rumor is that ye olde Pizza Hut will become this: https://bungalower.com/2021/08/02/susuru-opening-new-location-on-east-colonial/
  19. I wouldn't underestimate the ongoing impact of COVID, either. The pandemic has disrupted how many corporate entities operate (i.e., larger remote workforce), which in turn impacts supporting businesses (restaurants, bars, etc.). It's also been disruptive to public entities (UCV/Valencia using remote learning, courts not fully up and running, etc.). And for a triple whammy, events are at a near standstill (and that's the lifeblood for a lot of the Church Street biz).
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