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  1. The Overture luxury 55+ apartments were approved by City Council tonight in a rescheduled vote originally set for last week's zoning meeting. Originally over 200 units, Greystar of Charleston reduced the number of units to 158 in response to neighborhood concerns about density. It will be built on the site of the Masonic Temple on Randolph south of Sharon Amity. It must have nice elevations since Claire Fallon said "and it doesn't look like everything else in Charlotte".
  2. Just out of curiosity I called Randolph Park Apartments today, inquired, and was told I can lease a unit long-term beginning October 1st. It doesn't sound like there is imminent development at this site. The current rumor in our neighborhood is that Target will also be at the rezoning site at Fairview and Providence. Hopeful.
  3. There are $350,000,000 reasons. The cap needs a funding source, since it is not a transportation improvement.
  4. City Council approved a $175,000 reimbursement grant for the sidewalk improvements a few years ago.
  5. This has been done by CDOT. Off street parking was 29 acres of Uptown as I recall. The percentage could easily be calculated. It is all in GIS.
  6. The agreement between the developer and the State hasn't been executed. After that happens, the master plan consultant will be selected, then prepare the plan. Design could begin by 2014, no earlier. Look for renderings in 2015 IMO.
  7. No, the State won't invest in a project that does not include transportation solutions. This would be a joint City/County project if economic development or park funds can be identified.
  8. So glad Tom Low's concept is not being built. It is so bad for pedestrians.
  9. Short list announced by NCDOT today for design/build of Charlotte Gateway Station: Esse Quam Videri Consortium and Hines. Presentations in late October and selection by November 1st.
  10. It makes me wonder if the First Ward Park across Brevard from 7th to 9th is really going to happen. Part of its use was going to be for students coming to Imaginon. Speaking of students, I wonder where the school buses will park if CMS students are brought into Uptown for the park.
  11. Yes, I recall a condition of the original zoning that preserved the land for mass transit for seven years based on the expectation the MTC would have made the SE corridor modal decision within seven years of the original zoning. It seems the streetcar use would also invoke the mass transit use.
  12. Please tell me I am wrong - it appears the people mover just connects parking decks to the international terminal. Is there no vision of connecting the airport to the City?
  13. Very helpful; thanks. I think the Fountains is on the opposite side of McDowell from the County parking lot.
  14. The 5th Street sidewalk improvements are in the Center City Transportation Plan (2006) and Ivey's retail level owner Stefan LaTorre has been given an Infrastructure Reimbursement Grant of $175,000 to help pay for the improvements. He has developed plans to implement the wider sidewalk on the Ivey's side of 5th Street.
  15. This should be a great addition to Uptown. I have enjoyed the Orlando location for years including creative entrees and an incredible wine list.
  16. Agree on Beech Mountain, plus there is ice skating in the village. A few really good restaurants in BM and Banner Elk too.
  17. Definitely no jacket or tie at Fiamma or Custom Shop; I haven't been to Georges. Food and ambiance is good at Fiamma or Custom Shop. I think Fiamma is a bit more romantic; ask for a table on the mezzanine overlooking the bar.
  18. Also........ Sexual orientation non-discrimination protection for city employment effective March 29, 2010 First Ward Park Construction is coming soon
  19. N No; I understand these overhead signs are part of a reflectivity program to make general signs more visible at day or night. The wayfinding signs will be groud-mounted and direct motorists to venues in Uptown.
  20. City leaders don't control parking prices. 95% of Uptown parking is owned privately.
  21. Pio Pio is a great new Dilworth restaurant serving Colombian and Peruvian food at great prices in the Dilworth shopping center where Outback is (and Tally's used to be). This space previosuly housed a Spanish restuarant then a hot dog house. Pio Pio is by far the best thing that has happened here.
  22. Note the age of the rendering. I believe it has changed several times in the last 5 years and may not resemble this plan now.
  23. It hasn't been mentioned in a while, so I will do it here. The City has a Second Ward Neighborhood Master Plan, and it doesn't include baseball. It does have an urban school opportunity as one of its goals, as well as a distinct pedestrian oriented neighborrhood with a variety of housing options, improved neighborhood connectivity, integrated mixed use development and neighborhodd services. His "offer" is inconsistent with all the work in 2001 and 2002 leading to adoption of the Plan. There, I have saved the County a ridiculous amount of money.
  24. Actually the closure is between Kings Drive and Charlottetown Avenue (formerly Independence) according to the City of Charlotte at their Street Closure Notices website http://www.charlottecentercity.org/images/...reet_notice.pdf
  25. And this relates to Elizabeth Avenue Projects how?
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