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    Dillard's was getting ready for an extra forty percent off sale that started on Wednesday and thats why it was so messy. The sale was quite good, although I only like one of the clothing brands they carry. I will venture to stay by next week it should be cleaned out.
  2. We could go in more then one car that is what a caravan generally is.
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    That's pretty old news isn't it?
  4. humzai


    A few weeks ago I noticed the Build A Bear store in Governor's Square how long has it been there? I don't recall it being there earlier. I tried the Mcaalister's Select and I feel it kinda sucks compared to a full blown one.
  5. Oooh sounds like fun if you hold this thing on sunday I would probably be able to make it. I can take the east side beat if need be.
  6. humzai


    After spending some time in the Mall of Emirates and Bur Juman other malls look like crap even some of the decent ones over here in Jersey. I hope at the least our new ones are something to look at.
  7. Tallahasse was mentioned in an article about what a million dollars will get you in realty. They mention you may want to look into a town like Tally at the end. http://realestate.msn.com/buying/Articlefo...28&GT1=8800
  8. You should go with Cingular we had Tmobile and there coverage sucked Cingular actually has it most places that I go. I prefer to have gsm service so that I can use the same phone while traveling outisde the country besides you have far more options. what phone you should get depends on more then one factor so if oyu could tell me what your needs and wants are I could help.
  9. What time do these thing airs, seems like great fun to watch.
  10. I'm not familiar with this Welaunee Mall you speakth of. I too am sad to see 417 go it seemed to be a very nice concept and the location was great.
  11. humzai


    The Belks there is like the other Belks I've been to a store quite similar to the Macy's we have at Tallahassee mall if not a little lower end.
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