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  1. I was just thinking about the old Yazoo property selling for above $9 million. I guess it's the limitations on what can be built on Broadway.
  2. What’s going on with the stadium? Gone quiet since I read that Cooper was having lunch with Ingram. Don’t they need to get going on this thing?
  3. I assume you must have a large vehicle if you want surface. I think you can park at Nissan Stadium parking lots for $5 and walk across the pedestrian bridge. However, not sure when your time ends there and when you would have to re-up. The best parking is probably the downtown library, but it is a garage.
  4. I tried to go check this rooftop out this weekend but was told it was being renovated. Didn't it just open a few years ago?
  5. You want to talk about empty seats? Go look at attendance for teams not in the historic baseball markets...
  6. The last home game was pretty packed.
  7. Every few years, the people here seem to forget that ParkAve is a shtick account.
  8. Sounds like Purcell 2.0?
  9. Have we figured out why they are building the biggest MLS stadium and spending all of this money on what looks like a cheap design? Vandy isn't going to be playing any games in this stadium. Are they hoping it will become a concert venue and they see that is an income stream?
  10. This is exactly right. The area around Printers Alley is already the area of downtown for the hip nontourists to eat and drink. It will only get better.
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