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  1. Every few years, the people here seem to forget that ParkAve is a shtick account.
  2. Sounds like Purcell 2.0?
  3. Have we figured out why they are building the biggest MLS stadium and spending all of this money on what looks like a cheap design? Vandy isn't going to be playing any games in this stadium. Are they hoping it will become a concert venue and they see that is an income stream?
  4. This is exactly right. The area around Printers Alley is already the area of downtown for the hip nontourists to eat and drink. It will only get better.
  5. Looks like a casino hotel you'd find in Tunica.
  6. I don’t have a connection to the other cities. Get your point.
  7. Ask anyone living in Seattle if they think they have made a ‘dent’ in the homeless population. It’s unbelievably out of control there.
  8. True, it seems odd but all of the new homes and properties constitute additional money.
  9. Pastaria is solid and has a ton of seating.
  10. Half is pretty darn good. How many people own H&M clothing? Are you sure it's a him?
  11. I'm sure that will come if we ever figure out how to active the river that runs right through the middle of the city....
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