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  1. Exactly. This is just the TV service. Not the Fiber internet service. Google has youtube tv which is what they are concentrating on now.
  2. She probably takes credit for Cooper bilking Ingram out of more money...
  3. Cooper probably killed himself with this 32-36% property tax increase since it was a lot of anti-tax people that probably put him into office.
  4. That's actually not a Nutro facility anymore. Royal Canin. Both brands owned by Mars however...
  5. Capitalism doesn't always work that way, especially in cities (like New Orleans as an example in the south) that want to do all they can to protect history, where a lot of these buildings that we are letting people tear down would never be allowed to be razed. Nashville is pretty weak in this department.
  6. I'm still out. Have heard possibly a week.
  7. I'm assuming that this is already built into the market. You would think.
  8. I'm sure if he's caught having cemetery sex outside of his marriage we'd be able to get rid of him...
  9. Some posters in this thread need to take a deep breath and relax...
  10. Have they demolished all of the old buildings yet? Saw this from the Speedway and didn't know if this was to use the new buildings or some ploy to stop demo? https://twitter.com/RaceFairgrounds/status/1242141730310443009?s=20
  11. I don’t pretend to know the Franklin tourism breakdowns, but I would assume the tourists are more of an older group?
  12. Safe to assume the law suits have held this up again?
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