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  1. vwsam

    Bi-Lo Center

    I think it was for parking lot events. At least that's the only event I've heard about occurring there for as long as I can remember. Oh yeah - and the monster truck show, featuring GRAVE DIGGER!!!!!!!!!! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!
  2. vwsam

    Rails to Trails

    The section of the trail by Roe Rd/TR Oriental/TR Post Office is still not paved. Will they just have the 5k on gravel tomorrow?
  3. vwsam

    Rails to Trails

    Saw some paving equipment next to the trail in TR this afternoon - maybe paving tonight?
  4. vwsam

    Rails to Trails

    I found this on the TR city website under the Tram-Trail Implementation - Phase II: Development of Paved "Tram-Trail" Timetable: Fundraising is ongoing, and on-the-ground work will be initiated once all funds are raised; completion by end of 2009 Seems every year that gets pushed back. I am still waiting on the TR downtown redevelopment that was to start some time ago too.
  5. vwsam

    New Greenville developments

    IMAX coming to Greenville! http://www.greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs....INESS/807290334 Regal Entertainment Group has plans for an IMAX conversion of a screen at the Hollywood 20 on Woodruff Road. Imax Corp. said the Greenville screen would open this fall.
  6. vwsam

    Rails to Trails

    Trail update from Greenville Online - http://www.greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs..../807010338/1073
  7. vwsam

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Dunkin' Donuts Like No Other Coming To Greenville http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24777797 After a search throughout the Southeast, the multimillion-dollar company decided to put its flagship shop on the corner of Coffee and Main streets. Dunkin' Donuts tells WYFF News 4 that the store-front shop will have two stories, leather seating and plasma TVs. The company is partnering on the project with the Boston Red Sox, parent organization of the Greenville Drive.
  8. vwsam

    New Greenville developments

    You have just asked the million dollar question... I don't think anyone knows, including the developer.
  9. vwsam

    Greenville Journal contents

    Funny thing is - I posted this on here 3 min before it was in the Project Skyline forum last night. I posted in this thread hoping John B would confirm that it truly is dead, since he had it kind of buried in an article rather than directly stating Skyline was dead.
  10. vwsam

    Greenville Journal contents

    In this weeks Journal there is an article by John B titled Running down a dream (p 51) In the article is the sentence - "Rolls Royce and Audi are said to be looking at industrial sites in the region, while another major company that would have invested $2.4 billion has decided to go elsewhere." Are you saying Project Skyline is off???
  11. vwsam

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    I noticed over the weekend that the new DD on Pleasantburg near Cherrydale is open. The TR DD is verrry close. I would think it should be open in the next week or 2.
  12. vwsam

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    There was a component of Project Apple that was going to build a $50? million dollar facility in TR, and employ 200-250? people. Did Dunkin Donuts build something (other than the refurbished Krystal) in TR? (I can't remember the exact numbers.)
  13. vwsam

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    Speaking of forgotten projects... anyone ever hear anything else about project 'Apple'?
  14. vwsam

    Rails to Trails

    The easiest thing to do is get a map, or print a google map. The trail will be what is currently labeled as the train track that goes from Greenville, through Furman University, and on to Travelers Rest. Drive around these areas north of Greenville and you will find several communities in the vicinity of the trail.