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  1. I wonder if Novare will rent units themselves at that point (if only 20% sold and slow sales when building is done). I suspect they will.
  2. trader

    The Vue

    Wow. 719K for one of those corner lofts... 900K for a 1527sf corner 2bd with a city view. For that price you could buy the 1830sf corner unit at Trademark on the 27th floor and put in $300K of upgrades, furniture, and decorations. You could make one of your walls a fish tank. You could hire dancers for your terrace if you ran out of things to spend money on. You just could not say you live at the Vue. I think the Vue will be the best in the city, but maybe not the best value at that price. I just want to see this thing close. Presales are great, but how many move in when the building i
  3. both banks have huge funding drives for ASC. all employees participate whether they give or not. it raises large amounts of cash. if every uptown employee (non-bank) gave ASC would have more money than projects. it seems a little crazy to call out the banks.
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