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  1. Hello, thanks for all the replys. I'll definitely have a look at that transit site. I cant beleive i missed that one in my exaustive research. To answer your question, I'll be moving near the St. Johns area. Is that far from downtown? ...I have a feeling i'll be the minority ( as in the only student or 27 yr old girl ) on those buses, but oh well...its not forever. why do people say they are innefficient? Not very reliable? I guess i'll find that out on the other transit forum....I think id only need to take one bus to get to downtown so it shouldnt be horrible. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, I've been looking all over the net for specific info on J-villes Masstransit to noooo avail. Hopefully I can get some help here. I'm moving to Jacksonville from the Fort Lauderdale area sometime in mid fall and I wont have a car for a while. Am i going to have a problem relying on the bus to get me to work? I'll be living right outside downtown, maybe 10 min away. I've been told by some that the bus isnt reliable and its scary. I dont know, scary to some people may not be scary to me. Anyone take the bus everyday ? I dont mind a few crazies here and there, but do students and middle class use it as well ? I'm a 27/female and I want to feel relatively safe. I've been relying on the bus in south fl and it hasnt been fantastic, but I get by. I'm wondering if its any worse or just the same in J-ville. the frequency of stops doesnt seem great, mostly, an hour apart and it doesnt run on sunday :/ Also, what is the major mas transit like? I'd really appreciate any information you guys can give me! Thanks in advance! Aliza
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