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  1. Interesting. I wonder where they plan on expanding to? The Market District has them blocked in. I guess we might be seeing a parking garage going in.
  2. MAJOR DEVELOPMENT NEWS I came across the following plans tonight for two separate developments- one with a grocery anchor and retail at the corner of the bypass and 301 South, and one at the current location of Franklin Chevrolet. The big news though, is that the development at the corner of the bypass and 301, is said to be across the road from a proposed 200 acre mixed use development, including a Super Target. I'm guessing this is actually the Lanier Drive piece. The website has been updated recently, so I suppose these are still a go. I'm still trying to search for some info on that 200 acre development. 301 South development: link Franklin Chevrolet development: link
  3. I guess this is the right place, but... Statesboro recieves Wireless Communities Georgia Grant Article
  4. I had a feeling that that piece would end up being something big. This might be the new mall we've all been waiting for. I hope those two deals come through - it's time for some new industry here. It was between us and Effingham for the new EFACEC plant, but we lost out. Hopefully we'll snag these two.
  5. Unless I missed it, it looks like the For Sale sign has been removed from that big piece of property across from the La Quinta. 228 acres is alot to play with.
  6. Interesting how Target is the major sponsor for the International Festival next weekend.
  7. October Building Permits are up - and it seems as if BB&T will be putting a new branch at the Springhill corner. A permit was also taken out for the conference center.
  8. Did anybody run into the traffic on the bypass this afternoon? It took me 15 minutes to get from Brannen Street to 67 - and I didn't hit the stop-and-go part of it until about the big pond. At one point I looked in my rear view mirror and it looked as if it could have easily reached 80. I know it's move-in weekend, but honestly, I've never seen it that bad.
  9. I understand what they're getting at with this. It's just that we're FINALLY getting the bypass widened. After adding some of the traffic from Cawana, we're going to be right to where we are today in 5 (or less) years. Except it'll be worse.
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