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  1. Sorry to be so negative, but I honestly think Rio Nuevo is dead. Over half a billion dollars, and Tucson will get a small cultural historic park, which was what was originally approved. The actual downtown will get a new underpass and that is about it. I am SURE that the legislature in Maricopa is never going to do anything like this for Tucson again. I cannot emphasize enough how much I REGRET voting for Rio Nuevo. I would love to see Tucson develop a great downtown, but Tucson has really burned themselves in the long run when it comes to downtown revitilization.
  2. Does anyone know if the 5th street lots have started construction? Just curious.
  3. Complaints about a midrise building IN downtown, now THAT'S the Tucson I remember I hope he comes through though. I would love to see a brewpub there too, even if it is not nimbus. But please not a chain! Any progress on those other projects?: Post Presidio Terrace 5th Street Lofts
  4. Are there plans for that property?? Is Coconuts in a old warehouse just north of downtown on Stone? I think that used to be called "the outback". I recall that the Presidio Terrace wouldn't start until 2007, but I don't remember why.
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    Honestly, I think NIMBYISM cuts both ways. More development is not necessarily better, and neighborhoods do act as a feedback process for developers to improve their developments. I would claim Phoenix's ( and Tucson's to a lesser extent ) mediocrity has as much to do with having nothing but office towers and strip malls. More and more of that kind of development will not lead to a better city, merely a bigger city. Having said that, NIMBYISM can they definately can impede good developments, because developers just avoid NIMBY fights buy building in "Nobody's" back yard. As to light
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