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  1. I think that they should do a "town center or Atlanta Atlantic Station" type development that space (http://www.atlanticstation.com/home.php) ... I think the space should have a more urban fee after all is in in downtown Norfolk. Downtown Norfolk has more space than any other city that I know in the US. St.. Pauls Blvd.. should also be redesigned to make it more pedestrian friendly like N. Charles Street in Baltimore MD or Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn NY.
  2. I think the Library in that location is an excellent idea. I will draw more foot traffic across St. Paul
  3. I think that the St. Paul
  4. I think he just has a problem with people. My mother who is black and Paul are in the same line of work and they have bumped heads many times. He tried to bully her but he found out that she is a shark that he should leave alone. I am sure that he has called her many names behind her back. Paul has a very interesting past and family history which I will not bring up, but I think it has a lot do with why his actions are so crazy. I think my mother dose not take him all that serious. Maybe we should do the same.
  5. If you look at other cities such as Baltimore, Washington and New York you see that some of the trendiest neighborhoods have public housing closer than 50ft away from them. The Village, Capital Hill, Camden Yards etc area all has low income areas very close. I was told by a police officer that most of the crime that takes place in public housing is caused by the people who do not live in the public housing but by
  6. For some reason I was thinking that the St. Paul
  7. I hope that you can view these photos. This is my block in Brooklyn I wish something like this can be done in Norfolk. I really wish they keep the Freemason look. I really think taller town house work better for that area. I think we should look at whats going on in Alexandria VA.
  8. Hampton University has had a great school of architecture since the 1930s. I really wish that the alumni from the school of architecture would stay in the Hampton Roads area. Many alumni such as myself, head off to other areas where the opportunities are much greater than Hampton Roads. A lot of great work comes from Hampton Unviersity but it seems like the HR area really doses not reach out to HU, and HU really dose not seem to embrace the Hampton Roads. Washington DC, Atlanta, New York Metro and California gets all the Hampton University school of Architecture alumni.
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