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  1. This has been the norm in this area for a while. I think a big focus has been on pulling in new businesses lately. I recall Clark Nexsen moving to Va Beach was a big deal.
  2. Anything going on in Portsmouth?
  3. I really can't understand why they are not completely replacing Rollins hall & all of that administrative side sooner. It's listed as renovation. They have people in storage closets over there.
  4. My wife works in Rollins Hall which is the old building beside the stadium. It is the oldest building on campus next to the one immediately beside it called Spong. This buildings are long overdue a redesign. The occupants would be very pleased with a new facility.
  5. This is one of the reasons I plan on running for Council next time around.
  6. Senor Iguana's on Witchduck & Princess Anne is under new ownership. He's opening this weekend under the name Ultra Lounge. I haven't looked to see what changes he made to the building yet.
  7. What are they building on the other side of the Ted Parking garage along Hampton Blvd & beside McDonalds?
  8. I took a bunch of my collegiates to Dog & Burger the other day. Still priced right. $5 for a dog & burger & fries.
  9. I wonder how the new Best Buy on Princess Anne will fare?
  10. My prediction says she is being forced out by football boosters since she doesn't know anything about the game. I think Batten said I have another 100 Mill if you lose the Canadian & rename Foreman Field the Batten Bowl..........lol
  11. My biggest concern for some of these developements we are hoping to attract is where are the matching jobs. The average person who can afford these Condos around here want to purchase a SF Home. We don't have this young professional class that's needed for these projects. Charlotte has the banks and Atlanta has Media HQ's.
  12. Do like me & marry a faculty member....lol....j/k If the Farm Fresh is anything like the one in North Suffolk it should be good. I would much rather see the Bottom Dollar on campus b/c we are talking student budgets. Bloom caters to a clientele that isn't the average college student.
  13. I'm doing my happy dance. I stopped by the new Bojangles on Victory & low & behold a coming soon sign for Wa Wa. Finally a Wa Wa is coming to Victory Crossing.
  14. Did I say Carolina Blue it's called "Monarch" Blue
  15. That is one of ODU's colors now. Remember Runte changed it to Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, White & Silver. Hopefully they are going to add some navy to the outside as well.
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