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  1. No, no hostile words were used, nor angry opinions stated, and the response wasn't random either, you're either the recipient or victim of corporate locations, a mix of both in this and the Bad News thread, which were presumably created in part for those respective scenarios. In the case of Johnson City, it sounds like they don't have a long list of other opportunities, so I think it's part of a broader point to be wary of things like this, and companies who do this with any frequency. I'm now wondering if you have some connection at play here. But to be fair, I'm certain I had had a few beers when I posted that, so perhaps you read my mind and not my words.
  2. I see nothing there that says personally angry, and I have no connection with Johnson City, but I do feel for them a bit. The article KJH referenced explains how they arrived there, and some of their responses, the lack of integrity reference was to the info contained in the article. One can detect some fishy-ness there. And Toz nailed it, couldn't help but think of Chiquitta when I read that, even if it's not really the same.
  3. That is the kind of unique approach that could work, this example is inadequate, humorous though. To echo various positions, this sounds like an NFL team threatening it's home city for a new stadium, just don't see the equivalent here, Seattle has had difficulties with Amazon and there will be no compromise/accommodation from what I've read. CLT's best approach given the flood may be to half-ass an intentionally low-ball offer, with it's own "demands", and play nonchalant/hard-to-get, with a subtle sell. As great as this may be, there is a bit of a smell about it.
  4. But didn't crossing giant river-like boulevard of Liberty Central Pkwy [correction] strike you as a massive negative? Very fond of some aspects of Cincinnati, but I don't think it compares like that, the areas you refer to are nice, though are slightly plastic and hollow, I'd choose the north areas to highlight.
  5. Sounds a bit fishy, and find it hard to be positive about this, Johnson City got screwed, and we could be yet another spring board ourselves given the integrity displayed here. Reality/economics are what they are, but what comes goes.
  6. Late to this, and understand your comment for what it is, though I'd argue much will change if we make it another 500 years into the future, one can simply look 500 years into the past to see how that may go. Dick measuring has pretty much defined the entirety of world history at that.
  7. Greensboro has gotten more love for certain on the asphalt, though lets not wax romantic here, nor be catty. It is as auto-centric as any example derided generally, and is likewise quite congested, per capita. Holden is no exception, a factor of time of day being important, if you mean that stretch of bridge over I-40, yeah, that has fallen in use as travel/centers shift elsewhere.
  8. Yeah my son had fun as we raised it by 50m at a time, Denver is certainly in an ideal position!
  9. http://www.floodmap.net/ Pretty cool, you can specify the water level to increase by. It's a little buggy but still in beta.
  10. If they're thinking long term, they will want to stay away from coastal cities, $5+ billion is a lot of investment. Posting a cool flood map site I found in the Coffee house.
  11. If only that were bizarre enough to work... although it would make the case for 50 other cities. Winter, Lake Placid, 1980. That's the kind of atypical surprise pitch that just might work, if done in a nuanced manner, not too self-effacing, retain confidence and dignity in ourselves, but hook them with the big sell - the Rome was a sleepy hamlet once too kind of argument.
  12. Wow, see, that's the kind of thing I am worried about.. As to the Boston leak, there are seemingly legitimate reports of it, though they mention "several" senior execs in favor of it, that would only be statistically significant if those senior execs make up a high enough percent of the team making the selection. It is however worrisome in how different of a location Boston is from CLT, I can just imagine the debates on subjects like culture, politics and history behind closed doors.
  13. Forgive a slight amount of cynicism, but mostly curiosity, why do you think they can handle it? Don't mean the standard fare product, rather that rare 1% level of professional.
  14. We have a few people in this thread alone who are talented/persuasive writers, so I couldn't help but wonder who is editing/reviewing any proposals we submit. So at the CRP and Chamber, is there that level of talent, and transparency? http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/whats-in-store/article172576831.html?CID=9370888&BSD_SID=30745
  15. I think its time to call this one a failure and spawn a new version of the Matrix.
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