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  1. ***Picture of the Day***

    Giant hamsters lol very god cotuit^^
  2. ***Picture of the Day***

    another one i took this photo last week with my camera i like clouds^_^
  3. ***Picture of the Day***

    lol ok^^
  4. ***Picture of the Day***

    thanks TBURBAN! and nice shot! i love da black-white pic ........hahahaha
  5. ***Picture of the Day***

    another one of my fav Secondary office of the Ecuadorian central bank (Guayaquil)
  6. ***Picture of the Day***

    hiya! thanks^__^ is the Municipal Palace of Guayaquil - Ecuador
  7. ***Picture of the Day***

    hi all^^ im from ecuador im new in this forum so this is my first pic in this topic