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  1. You know your right Mr. Pilot. Heck, Memphis doesn't need Northwest. We don't need the hundreds of jobs that it has brought to our city alone. So what if I have to fly to nashville then atlanta then dallas then denver then kansas city and finally to my destination on the great southwest airlines. Hell it will give me a chance to visit the overcrowded and understated airports across the "United States." You were right, direct flights just suck plain and simple. They are just too easy and relaxing, traveling is not supposed to be enjoyable. Thanks for all the insight, I should have known pilots do more than simply fly planes and gossip about the industry in their cockpit. Well thanks once again, I'm now a changed man.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I have an idea what I'm talking about. First off, a direct "passenger" flight to Europe is a bid deal. Cities like Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, ect. can not say that. Memphis is not a big enought city to automatically have these types of routes. Yes Southwest is a great airline, but being a focus city for a discount carrier would not bring in the tax dollars like Northwest. Not mention, corporates sponsors, ect.
  3. The one thing I don't understand is how people can say they want to see Memphis lose its hub status so some cheap airlines can move into town and run down the airport facilities even more. The recent airport terminals would not be possible without the help of Northwest. Memphis' hub brings large amounts of money into the city that Southwest is unable to bring. So what if a hand full of travlers decide to drive down I40 for Nashville or Little Rock's cheaper fares, we have a direct flight on an A330 via Amsterdam that most cities are size or even bigger can't even dream about (also possible service to Tokoyo on new 787). I promise you Nashville would trade being a focus city for Southwest if they could have our Northwest hub. Our hub not only gives us access to many more direct flights, but It brings people throughout the country/world to our airport on connecting flights that have to spend money in the airport or even area hotels.
  4. Ha that will look funny when the parking garage is filled with and bunch of of lexus cars. Tall- is330 Grande- ls330 Venti-ls430
  5. Pretty nice, it would be pretty cool if it also served as a light rail station. Any thoughts?
  6. i wish we had an updated version esp. for the the mexican and other southern destinations
  7. I love seeing this happening, before northwest could just sit back a relax and due to their monopoly at memphis. I think this will really bring us closer to air france, which seemed to have died down.
  8. i think that frontier feels like northwest is going to leave the airport, and i have a strong feeling we will become the next hub for them. I wonder if they can add service to europe and possibly asia, but they already have a strong presence in mexico
  9. Big news for memphis. Frontier finally comes to memphis with plans to really grow.
  10. I was wondering if it was possible in any way that pinnacle might become independent and turn into a low cost airline. They already have the planes, gates, and pilots. I think this could really work if they get some good investors.
  11. we all need to pray that doesnt happen and instead united and northwest need to merge. We would have the only true southern hub and plus united is having a huge problem with delays at denver and chicago with winter weather while we are the most on time airport
  12. Has anyone heard any updates on the possible Air France flight?
  13. did you mean Virgin Atlantic, I heard they might turn the Y terminal into an X
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