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  1. I saw this "individual's" image on someones Facebook Live stream - it was a frozen picture. They were saying that the peaceful protestors were trying to stop him. They basically kept him from breaking a window and then chased him across the street to the front of Independence Center and I read that he was held down until police were able to show up. On WSOC, yesterday - they showed him just as he was, as they said, tackled and then kicked and beaten. They froze the image right before his "beating" took place. The anchor said that they were not going to show any of the additional footage as it was graphic. WTH? Why not show it? An out of town antagonist comes to Charlotte - just as in years past - and is stoking the proverbial fires. SHOW THIS $HIT ON TV! It very may well keep other antagonists from outside of the city and state to think twice about destroying our city. HE is part of the problem as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, we have been through this situation before, and I hope against hope that we learned lessons on how to have a civil discourse as long as people can protest - as it is their right. During the day, I personally know of at least two people that were in 1st Ward Park that protested peacefully during the day. It is those that are hiding under the dark of night that turn things evil.
  2. Of course he does. He only needs his voters to be able to vote in November, and then he's done with them. Doesn't need them after that. King of the cons!
  3. Wouldn't there be some interest or need when Riverbend is built out? One stop on the Meck side of the Catawba and 485 possibly?
  4. One of my favorite state parks to go hiking! Such good news!!
  5. Again - veiled threats and empty promises from this man. He really does not know when to stop. Throughout the day, from what I have heard and read, he has NO authority to make any decision on the Convention. They are way to far into the weeds to move it - let alone find somewhere that "wants" to host this. Financial and legal issues would abound. Read this from WSOC this afternoon. She says for Cooper "to put the good of the state's economic recovery above any political posturing or personal feelings." Um, isn't that what her beloved leader is doing to start with. Hypocrisy at its ultimate best happening here. In response to Trump’s tweet and warning, Sarah Reidy-Jones, the vice-chairman of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party issued the following statement: “The Mecklenburg County Republican Party has been looking forward to serving as the host county for the 2020 Republican National Convention for over two years. We understood the economic boost to our local economy for the 2012 DNC and had looked forward to hosting the RNC in just 90 days. Now more than ever, we need the economic boost that this convention brings, especially to a hospitality industry that has been especially hard hit. Governor Cooper’s policies have been drastically devastating for North Carolinians, especially the 1 in 7 Charlotte residents that comprise of its hospitality sector. We strongly encourage Governor Cooper to put the good of the state’s economic recovery above any political posturing or personal feelings. We will pressure our local elected officials that do so much to try to harm our economic freedoms that originally made Charlotte and the metro region flourish and to those trying to use COVID-19 as an opportunity to interject dangerous policies that compromise our elections, our children’s educations and our livelihoods in the form of social experimenting.” I really wish there was a deep pocket individual or individuals who would step up and call the president's bluff and say go for it. We will pick up the projected cost to the hospitality workers who would be benefitting from this convention. In all honesty, i hate getting political - especially on this board. But the current individual in the White House has become quite tiresome by this point.
  6. So if using blue font color designates sarcasm, what does red signify?
  7. As simplistic as this building looks, it really is growing on me. The one aspect that i kind of find amusing is that the windows look like they have crosses in them. Could give someone that is not from the area the impression that it is a religious building.
  8. That WALL! This screams of it needing something! A mural. Artwork. ANYTHING! I harken back to a Hornets mural a few blocks away........
  9. And another interesting tidbit, my old dentist was in the three story office building to the right of the Manor, and they moved about 2 miles away late last year. So, is it possible that building is in the mix with this as well?
  10. This definitely is a creative and logical option. The one thing I can think of here would be the cost for the venues and added security for the additional venues that were not part of the original convention - if I remember this correctly. I remember when the DNC was here and I worked Uptown, we were basically told that we were not allowed to go into the office because we sat right in the middle of BofA Stadium, the Convention Center and Spectrum. Pandemic rules that may still be in place, may help, and I think it would be interesting to see how the RNC would respond to something that would provide even MORE people to be part of the event than would have been if just Spectrum was used.
  11. So, I'm a little confused at the differentiating line in two of the CSA's that are mentioned here, just due to overlap. Washington-Baltimore-Arlington has DC-MD-VA-WV-PA as part of the overall CSA, then you have Philadelphia-Reading-Camden PA-NJ-DE-MD as their CSA. Outside of the obvious large cities, how are MD & PA segregated out here? Geographically, I'm still trying to see where the panhandle of MD is spliced up, and for example, where do Harrisburg and Lancaster fall? And to put another caveat, what parts of WVA fall under the DC region that would not fall under the Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton CSA? I get Wheeling and Morgantown - possibly put there. Normally, I'm pretty good with figuring this out and with geography in general, but this one has me puzzled.
  12. Just read that Niemen Marcus is filing Chapter 11.
  13. Heard the same story this morning, and I almost did a double-take!
  14. I had to go from Belmont to University City on Monday, and even though I was doing around 60-65 in the middle lane, there was one jack-hole who sped around me and people on my left to get past us and go over to the left. He summarily put his arm out the window and gave us the finger point to the right. Basically telling us that we were going too slow. Since I was not expecting much traffic and more police presence, I was keeping it safe. But there were people FLYING by as if we were sitting still. That was first time I have been on any of the interstates since 3/17 and the longest trip I have made since that day too. I'm not taking any chances with getting a ticket.
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