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  1. I was trying to read between the lines on this article too. It originally made it sound like there was one, if not two high rises in the works. Then, it went on to say something about height restrictions in Rock Hill, Tega Cay and such in that area from a local level. Contradicting statements. Maybe I'll need to read it over once more.
  2. I say we have an Urban Planet meet up in the mountains so we can check this out for accuracy!
  3. Coming from the west, I would have to park somewhere between Woodlawn/Scaleybark and ride up from there, or go Uptown and park. With those being so close to that area, I'd rather take my chances and try to park close to that area and walk a block or two. But just wait for the Silver Line! Then those of us in the hinterland can get on in Belmont and ride over to the Blue Line and the world is our oyster!!!
  4. I can remember this happening on the Light Rail in Pittsburgh more times than I can count. It REALLY sucked in the winter!
  5. So this means that there will eventually be no parking for either restaurant, or an absolute minimum for each? I was at Tupelo Honey around Easter and I was hard pressed to get a spot almost by the church parking lot. I love the transit related ideas, but for those of us that don't live on or near the light rail, we have to drive. This makes the venture over there even more questionable if there is nowhere to park. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a parking garage that is somewhat close by that can be used as a replacement for this? On a positive note, I have a feeling that this area of town will become our "mini Buckhead" portion of the skyline before too long! Two buildings that are bigger than anything in South Park or Ballantyne!
  6. Only if I can get a window seat in the parking hut, I'm golden! SIGN ME UP!!!
  7. Outside of the Knights baseball season, how does the 7/11 do? I think that could be a somewhat close comparison to the QT concept.
  8. That's right. The fresco behind the altar was destroyed. I don't think they ever restored or replaced it either. It has been a long while since I was inside for a service.
  9. So are we talking about a real life Frogger type of scenario?
  10. If memory serves correct, that portion of the city was very difficult due to the shallow hard rock. I can remember when DEC was being built how the blasting took forever due to how far they needed to go. One blast they set up was double the amount of TNT (or whatever they were using) by accident, and it shook us like crazy in 3WF across the street. Not sure they will be able (due to costs) go too far deep for a huge garage.
  11. Read this weekend that Cedar Fair rejected the proposal. Nice jump in stock price is all that probably came out of this.
  12. I'm in Southeast Gaston County, and the water levels on the lakes are REALLY low. I am trying to save water from the shower to warm up to use on some of the plants outside. Luckily, I have bermuda grass in my yard, so I'm not so concerned that it will go by the wayside. But I still toss some water on it when I get a chance. I guess I'll do it from time to time until we have a restriction.
  13. I think this one will surprise us! Have a feeling it will be a nice gem!
  14. We heard about that move, yet we keep hearing of building new buildings in Ballantyne and the retrofit of CIC on Harris Blvd. In my opinion, they are going to expand there - not uptown. Everything that we have been told, especially when we were moved to Ballantyne is that this started in the Wachovia years and there was a directive to move as many to the suburbs as possible. With all of the problems my company has been part of over the past several years, they are looking to save money and cut costs EVERYWHERE. Real estate and head count are the biggest areas to start with. I have said it before, regardless of how increasingly worse traffic is getting to Uptown, I would give my right arm to be back there.
  15. This is good to hear! I was wondering what was happening when I drove by on Thursday. The article mentions the "kiosks" that have received a GREAT deal of ridicule on social media.
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