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  1. Was there a few months ago with friends and it was OK. Nothing spectacular. Food and service was good. The servers we had were good with questions we had on the beers. The taproom is pretty big and wasn't full of people that day, so I'm not sure how it would be with a full house - noise-wise. It's a decent companion to OMB in a city (IMO) that is very close to reaching the saturation point with new breweries. We will more than likely go back at some point, but it isn't a burning desire to do so. Decent location too.
  2. JRNYP2C


    $100 on Tepper. He has a bigger wallet!
  3. Thanks for the shoutout for my town!!! There is another part of that trail behind Stuart Cramer High School that is amazing and connects over into Belmont. I was one of the volunteers who helped put the entrance up behind the GEMS building on Eagle Road. Our former Parks & Rec Director was instrumental in working with Catawba Land Conservancy and Carolina Thread Trail to get the Rocky Branch redone and more inclusive for walking/hiking and biking. This trail, in a strange kind of way connects to the Riverwalk through the Lakewood neighborhood.
  4. Love Rock Hill! Tons of cool places to eat/drink downtown and Knowledge Perk makes some good coffee! Distillery just off the beaten path is also amazing and has room to grow.
  5. Thanks for creating this thread. Over time, G-Town/Gashouse may get some actual bonafide credit. Growth is finally making its way over the river so we will be just like every other congested part of the region!
  6. following you now! always on the lookout for good/new places to go to with friends!
  7. I still have my copy too!
  8. Could you expound on the sentence "Your office space now needs to be commute worthy." I am extremely interested in that entire prospect. TIA!
  9. And the news today is (as of 3pm on 7/4) six dead and at least a dozen wounded in an affluent suburb of Chicago.
  10. Still trying to put all of the pieces of this puzzle together - mostly by reading the educated comments. What still boggles my mind is how does a multi-BILLIONAIRE allow one of his subsidiaries go bankrupt? Maybe my feeble mind doesn't think like that of a man with more money than god - but I don't get the concept. You have the funding, but you let it go belly-up. Sticking it to SC b/c they didn't live up to their side of the bargain doesn't seem prudent. Don't lambaste me - like I said, just trying to get clarification on something that doesn't pass the smell test.
  11. Was on a Ghost Tour Saturday night that started in Old Settlers Cemetery. We took the light rail and got off at 7th Street, walked up past the Library on 6th, and wasn't paying attention to the library. The tour took us to the Dunhill, down the street to the Episcopal church and then up to Spirit Square. The guide told us it was temporarily closed - which I found odd. Thought it was still open. Then as we walked pas the library on Tryon, I was pretty amazed to see the inside completely trashed! Garbage and graffiti spraypainted all over the place - walls, windows - everywhere! Then it donned on my as to why there were no people walking in and out and it was dark inside. Forgot they had closed it in preparation for redoing that entire block. I was telling my two friends what was supposed to be happening. The trashing of the building on the inside was a jolt though! I'm still wondering how that happened, and if there are homeless finding a way inside to stay out of the elements. If I'm off base with that, someone in the know, please educate me! On the flip side, we ended up (next to last stop) at Ri-Ra and after the last stop, which was next to Hooters on Trade, we went back to Ri-Ra. It has been a minute since I've been uptown after working hours, and was pretty floored as to how busy the square was and a good number of the cross streets. People everywhere! Food trucks, vendors, musicians, bars, clubs all had people coming and going. The only other draw, from what I can remember, was the ACC baseball tournament. But that would have been during the day and was several blocks away. I definitely think this is a good thing for Uptown, especially coming out of the pandemic. However, it is kind of offset with the reminders of the businesses that closed (Carolina Ale House, EpiCenter, and Brixx and the Bar-B-Que place in 7th Street Station). It is apparent that a lot of other places didn't survive the pandemic.
  12. My friend's parents owned a duplex on Oneida St. by the Duquesne Incline. This one was older and more rickety (and less touristy), but I used it occasionally to connect to a bus that took you across the bridge to downtown. NO heat in the winter though.
  13. Interesting take on Indianapolis' BRT on Carolina Impact this past week. https://www.wtvi.org/pbs-charlotte-carolina-impact-season9/ I haven't been to Indy in quite a long time, and was surprised at how much it has grown. Compelling reasons here as to how and why BRT could work here as opposed to LRT. Cost notwithstanding.
  14. Interesting take on Indianapolis BRT on Carolina Impact this past week. https://www.wtvi.org/pbs-charlotte-carolina-impact-season9/ It's been quite a while since I've been in Indy, and was surprised how much it has grown. There are some compelling reasons BRT works there and could work here.
  15. That obnoxious realtor..... God I hate seeing his ads on TV every 5 minutes.
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