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  1. There is a stigma with "The County" that goes back a long time - well before I experienced that perception over 30 years ago. Even though native Charlotteans are outnumbered by influxes of people from all over, there is still a prevailing mentality about Gaston County that was not shared by other neighboring counties (i.e. Union, Cabarras, Iredell & York). I have always likened it to SC being the so described poor cousin of NC. There are still perceptions about some of the smaller towns in the county that are not as populated as Belmont and Mt. Holly. Gastonia (city limits) is actually pretty big and does incorporate a good portion of the county. Most of it is in the process of being developed. As KJHburg mentioned, it is changing - albeit slowly. The driving factor that has people moving here are lower taxes. The bigger problem, especially in the southeast portion of the county, is that the overbuild of subdivisions is taxing, and outpacing the infrastructure rapidly. The archaic ways of the state with regards to roads, building and widening, is painful in so many aspects that the cart is before the horse in so many instances. Subdivision builders get the say so to drop 1,000 or more houses on a property that has been in a family's hands for generations. With many factors coming into play, the surviving family or beneficiaries of the land have no desire to deal with taxes and such, and just sell - i.e. McLean Homes by the Botanical Garden. The Stowe Family sold the land before the 2008 market downfall, for whatever reason, and the initial investment company that bought it knew that the number of homes that they could build was not a possibility at that time. Several years later, McLean gets into a deal with them, and still jams way more houses down in that portion of the county with no regard to infrastructure. I'm talking more than just roads. Belmont is not part of Two Rivers and its water system is already overtaxed as it is. The amount of growth in Belmont is at lightning pace and it is going to only get worse from here on out. The city council either has no regard to anything but a build at all cost mentality, or they are truly held hostage to the states building codes and structure. They cannot tell a builder no. They can only put into place some guidelines that conform to city standards - which are ascetic at best. For those that live in this part of the county, or use Belmont as their connection to 85 or 485 to go to work in Mecklenburg County are seeing such incredible gridlock during rush hour that it can take 30 - 45 minutes to get from SC to 85 - depending on when you leave. The new school and subdivisions are only adding to the congestion. I have lived in Gaston County for almost 18 years now, and overall, it is a slower pace than going over the Catawba into Charlotte, and I do appreciate it. I have embraced (and at times made jabs at the county I live in, in jest) the county and all it has to offer. There is good here, but it is getting tied up in overdevelopment that is running rampant in Union, Cabarras and Iredell Counties in NC, and York and Lancaster Counties in SC. Growth is inevitable. What we have to do here in Gaston County is hold our elected officials accountable to what is best for everyone and steer the growth in a manageable and logical direction.
  2. One of my co-workers told me that AFTER the dust had settled! I will most definitely remember that next time!
  3. I heard that too on WFAE this morning. I didn't find it funny in the least bit. I have two mailboxes that were spammed basically all day and I had to keep deleting (carefully) those from the real work. It was a true annoyance and after the dust settled, I actually felt bad for the person that it was coming from, because I heard she wasn't aware of what had gone wrong. Look kids, it's 2021, you would have thought that by now, even after similar instances, to NOT REPLY TO ALL!!! Well that fell on deaf ears.
  4. Damn! I want to check out jobs for Lowe's. I want to work in that building!!
  5. So, I have heard that the Wells population in 3WF (401 S. Tryon) will be condensed to a different floor or over into 2WF above the bank branch and in that building. Not sure how much space will be kept in the old Jukebox Building since they are getting out. The old AT&T Building - diagonally from NASCAR was rehabbed and is sitting empty from Covid at this point. With Duke's building going up on S. Tryon, that would open up the WF building (aka DEC) for them to either use or lease. Work from home is drastically changing what is happening to our space and with WF wanting to get out of real estate, they will shed what they can or not build anything new. More than likely, they will NOT be building the two other 10 story towers in Ballantyne in the near future - or if at all. The current building in Ballantyne is being restacked and there are no longer assigned seats in that building. We haven't seen what the new layout will be with social distancing and the like, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. We had to clean our our desks last month. When we do have the ability to go back into the office, it is a first come-first serve basis in terms of seating. There are still going to be two floors that are secure for HR purposes and we will have a "neighborhood" area to sit in. I'm just hoping that the WFH aspect stays in place and I go in once or twice a month. Overall, I don't think we will see any new office towers dot our skyline for several more years.
  6. All the more reason to vote against them (and hopefully out of office) next term. That includes McHenry, Berger and Moore. The GA is stacked (Berger and Moore) with some of the most corrupt individuals I have ever seen in state office.
  7. I have a good friend that owns a condo in 1st Ward (trying to sell), and she had to unexpectedly work with CMPD for a couple of days with regards to a homeless couple who took up residence on the porch for a long time. Luckily, they were not able to get inside, and the belongings (and trash) that had amassed on the porch had overflowed into the alley. This couple had threatened the neighbors for days (to actually kill them) and when the police were able to get in touch with my friend, they had told her that this couple is well known by the police. I am taking it on faith that this couple has some mental health issues and the police's hands are tied as to how to handle them. There was damage to one of the windows where they attempted to get into the condo, so in addition to working with the realtor to sell, she has to get the window fixed. She does not live in this condo, and was renting it prior to the prior tenants moving out last summer. I was talking with her yesterday and referenced this thread to let her know that the couple was probably part of the tent city a few blocks away. She said the neighbors, unfortunately, had to deal with the couple and their threats for a few days before the police were able to get in contact with her - there is a longer personal story as to why it took a few days. But she had to immediately break away from her work day to go Uptown and work with CMPD to have them permanently banned from the property, file reports and the like. I guess that if I lived in a condo in 1st Ward, I'd be a little leery of this kind of thing happening more often than not. Overall, it is just another example that the city needs to work with other agencies to have this cleaned up and sorted out.
  8. I had heard about Hudson, and Crawthorne does not surprise me in the least. If anyone looks at his Instagram account, he is the epitome of an elitist, privileged frat boy. By no means am I demeaning him for being in a wheelchair. Hopefully, he turns out to be a one and done phenomenon in the political landscape. Even the counties he represents do not truly deserve such inexperience. Maybe I will be shown to be incorrect in my mindset down the road..... Thank you Kermit for providing the names!!
  9. We just need a comprehensive list of NC representatives who are in the same camp as him. REMEMBER THEM THE NEXT ELECTION! Sedition. Some of these idiots need to read the definition of that word and let it sink in.
  10. Thanks for the Gaston County shoutout!! Small town, but a neat place!
  11. For me personally, I have lost several family members, friends and co-workers in 2020. And NONE of them was from COVID. The biggest slap in the face for anyone that has lost a loved one (COVID or not), this year is that we could not even properly grieve with family and friends. That is what gets to me the most is not being able to "normally" support each other in such a difficult time due to the restrictions that we have in place. I look forward to a time in the hopefully not so distant future where I can get with those that have lost a loved one and help celebrate their lives.
  12. I have been saying this to myself for years. As someone who worked in advertising, who is the agency that proposed this and why did First Citizens buy into it? It's almost comical how big these people's foreheads are! I want a bank, not an ad for acne cream!
  13. I really like this building. And just think when the other similar sized tower goes up across the Blue Line on South Boulevard, it will have quite an interesting mini-canyon feel.
  14. I find it quite peculiar that at this point in time, these angles make it look like it is going to be a copycat building (DE2). We do know that the top will be different. Interesting perspective.
  15. I can remember the hoopla that was made when the new PIT airport was ideated and built. It was going to be the airport design of the future and give a second life (so to speak) to the region. That was the mid to late 80's, well after the decline of major industry in that area. Grew up there too, and I was amazed at all of the back and forth that went on with that airport with the decline in population. I guess the city and county were trying to angle to make it like Charlotte is today and have it be an important HUB. However, that was right before all of the consolidation of the industry took place, and well, add 9/11 to that, and they are where they are now. It has been 20 years since I was last in that airport, b/c it is actually easier and cheaper for me to drive back to PGH to visit. But I remember the landslide terminal being cavernous and full of wasted space and looking very old and dated. From what I have read and heard from friends that still fly out of PIT is that the airside terminal is only half used and that even the moving walkways are turned off to save money. Sad, but like I read in someone else's comment, you reap what you sow. And I think Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (like you said) played hardball and hedged bets and lost. I don't think that airport will ever get back to a level of profitability like it did when it was opened.
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