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  1. It's been a while since I visited downtown Atlanta (aka Centennial Park/CNN area), and even though I'm in metro ATL at least twice a year, I avoid going into the city as much as possible. Traffic is the plain old problem. When you have to add an extra 30-40 minutes to get anywhere, I don't have a problem staying VERY local around my friends house, which is in NW Cobb County. I was at the Hard Rock Atlanta years ago, and back then it still had its cache so to speak. When they started putting them basically everywhere, it lost something. I was completely surprised when they put one in my hometown of Pittsburgh, since we really didn't have much music history to tout, so to speak. For me personally, going to a Hard Rock is kind of like going to Applebee's or Chili's. Not much excitement, overpriced food and its basically a tourist trap. For Charlotte, I would kind of lean towards this city not having much music background to fill all the walls of the entire restaurant. But for any of the locals on the board here, please prove me wrong!! I'm sure I'm missing a lot of the blues and such that had influenced Elvis. World of Coke was interesting, but for me, it was a one and done. Underground also had its coolness, but from what I understand that has kind of waned. We would spend more time walking around Buckhead and the bars there. But even that has become so dense and crowded with people, it is like NoDa on crack! Charlotte could use something interesting as a tourist attraction that is not NASCAR related a little closer to center city. I love the Whitewater Center and appreciate being so close to it here in Gaston County. I'm not sure what we could come up with to have that "WOW" attraction here though. Maybe a banking museum?
  2. JRNYP2C


    Exactly! Try tripling the number that is already in place and you have gridlock of epic proportions. Good luck coming up from SC!
  3. I've been to the one in Leesburg, VA and was blown away! I am looking forward to when they do enter the market here in Charlotte. It is only a matter of time.
  4. Blast from the past!!! I remember the record store and Wendy's that was there.
  5. Kinda resembles the Hyatt Place (with Farenheit at the top).
  6. I was just talking with a co-worker in SF, who said that one of her employees is leaving the Greater Bay area for (wait for it) Pittsburgh - my old hometown. When i caught my breath and asked why, she said that outside of being closer to family in Ohio, the cost of living was one of the main causes. I have heard about this for a long time, and a long time ago experienced how expensive this city was - compared to other cities like LA or NYC. It is amazing how anyone can afford to live in California at all anymore!
  7. I have a friend in Gaston County that may be able to provide some info on bees. They keep them in their back yard here for honey and to keep the population alive.
  8. Another reason I get so steamed. Wells pushes people (unwillingly) to University and Ballantyne, but silently keeps shifting people around Uptown, and making more space for call center type jobs that SHOULD be out in the 'burbs........
  9. Even the Chick-Fil-A at that location (back in the day) had a VERY limited menu. NO fries, and I think only the plainest of plain sandwiches and slaw. Even drinks were limited. The lady that worked there was a gem though! I think she said that they would cart stuff down from BofA Plaza in the morning and possibly would close when they ran out of food. Great concept, bad location - so to speak.
  10. The I-75 North portion (north of SunTrust Park) was called the Northwest connector I believe. I have friends that live up in Acworth, and this 2 lane road, which at times parallels 75, sometimes is above it and sometimes is in the middle of the interstate is probably one of the goofiest transportation projects I have ever seen. In Atlanta, there is no such thing as getting around any traffic. It has become constant all day, every day. I'm not sure how anyone can sit in traffic (especially north on 75 or 85) for over an hour and a half each way. Mind numbing.
  11. Are we sure this isn't from The Onion? This is the most ridiculous reading I have seen in a LONG time. I'm sorry, I cannot even prod myself to even remotely want to listen to this. GOFUNDME from UP to buy up all the land from him and develop it ourselves!
  12. From a condo perspective, I would be hesitant to buy on the side facing Sycamore. I'm thinking weekends in the summer with all the bands and people, that would create a lot of noise. Not to mention the close quarters. Parking around there is treacherous - at best for those of us not lucky enough to be close to the Lynx and hop on and off.
  13. Completely underwhelmed with Southbound the first (and more than likely last) time I was in there. Mac's is superior - in my opinion.
  14. I say let's start a fund to have this moved to Charlotte. The basket company actually went bankrupt and this building is sitting empty from what I remember seeing on TV a year or so ago.
  15. holy hell! i am getting the impression that I am a lousy beer drinker (in my own mind that is)!!! I guess my constant rooting for the underdog is going to get the best of me!
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