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  1. I miss having Lowes' Food in the area. Glad they are starting to make slow inroads once more.
  2. I'm still skeptical that is going to happen, just based on our current leader's take on things. Plus the cost savings directive would make me think that a new building of any type is not a possibility in the near future (like 5-10 years). We can still hope though!
  3. I must have been living under a rock! I vaguely remember the billboards, but the rest - it's all news to me. Overall, when I have patronized local restaurants, if there is OMB on the menu, I'm passing by - solely b/c I have already tasted everything they have. I am always looking for new beers. Agree with the PR firm and keeping things in check. Charlotte is not that big of a market where you have a one-stop-shop with OMB. We have MANY other options - not just German Biergartens (of late). And I agree that I'm anxious to see what Gilde has to offer with regards to competition. Appr
  4. Thank you for the information. I was not fully aware of the this scope of OMB's owner. I am going to think twice about frequenting that establishment, or the new one in Mt. Holly.
  5. From what I remember, the family that runs French Quarter in Latta Arcade owned Greek Isles. The father, Panos Photopoulos passed away in July of 2020. Greek Isles had been closed for several years before that. It was the place I took out of towner's to!
  6. There was an extremely interesting documentary on PBS (WTVI) several years ago about the Greek population here in Charlotte. It put everything we currently see with regards to the churches, Greek Festival and the multitude of restaurants. Not sure if you can still search for it on their website or Youtube - but definitely worth the watch! Regarding Zack's - this is an unsettling trend we are seeing here in the city. Before too long, we will be nothing but chain restaurants with no character or charm. The day that Skyland closes, I'm leaving town!!!
  7. Petty Thieves Brewing also has one of the best views of the city, in my opinion!
  8. This is very similar to what I experienced in Pittsburgh with people I grew up with. And part of the myopic view of the world that was one of the driving factors that made me move. I know people that are in their 50's that after their parents have either passed, or downsized, moved in or bought their parent's house just so they can stay in the house they grew up in. They hang out with the same people all the time, vacation together (big time in Virginia Beach or Dirty Myrtle), and seem to never separate. PGH is not a small town, but the suburbs have been very provincial and lend themselves
  9. I cannot speak for everyone, but I have been working longer hours since I have been home b/c of demand of my time. I feel I'm more productive at home than in the office. Mental and physical stress is also the reason I feel like I just keep plowing through getting things accomplished.
  10. This is one of our "go-to" places when we are in the Harrisburg/Concord area!
  11. I will admit, when I went to Cary several years ago for a long weekend trip, I got to see the museums next to the State House and was VERY impressed. And there were some pretty good breweries in downtown (or very close to it). Raleigh is OK. I still like Charlotte much better. Hopefully, I can get a trip to Durham to round out hitting all of the major cities. Winston-Salem is in my top 3 though, along with Asheville rounding out with Charlotte of course. Wilmington is good - just b/c it is close to the beach. Greensboro - meh. I can take it or leave it.
  12. I believe I still have that newspaper stashed away somewhere too!
  13. For those of us that live near this development, it is going to be hell on wheels. Belmont City Council and Planning Department posted that they discussed this for four hours last night. What a monumental waste of time. They knew they were going to approve this - and did it anyway. These people are responsible for making Eastern Gaston County look exactly like any paved over portion of Mecklenburg County. If there is an open lot or plot of land, they are going to just OK whatever developer walks up to them with a proposal. The infrastructure is not able to handle what is currently travel
  14. For me it has been the opposite. I'm in a back office function, and there is stress. However, my commute was the worst and I can honestly say that even though I'm working longer hours, I am less stressed b/c I'm not wasting 2+ hours of my day sitting in traffic on the interstate and local neighborhoods. What I do can be accomplished over the phone and e-mail (for compliance reasons mostly). I deal with a lot of people all over the country, so outside of my core group (and we are gaining some in St. Louis), I do most of my work through e-mail and phone calls. I picture some sort of hyb
  15. There was a Camelot Music and Waldenbooks in there if memory serves correctly. There was a bar/restaurant on the corner of College and 5th - Fat Tuesday?? I can remember winning a t-shirt from one of the local radio stations one night from the mascot who was dressed up in a gorilla costume. Needless to say, that t-shirt has long been donated! I thought it was a pretty good concept at the time, and agree with @rancencthat its demise was timing. However, if it was still there, would we have Hearst/Truist tower now? If i had to choose, I'd stick with what we have now.
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