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  1. A few months ago when in Cornelius, I was told that the Harris Teeter on Torrence Chapel Rd. was to become a Fresh Market in February. Anyone with an update?
  2. Those are a couple of prizewinning pictures. Please enter them in the contest this year. Really good.
  3. Was up from Florida on New Year's Day. I rode Lynx. It was a nice ride. The train is very nice and similar to ones I have traveled on elsewhere. My biggest complaint would have to be the pitiful problem getting tickets out of those machines. It probably took everyone one whole minute to get their ticket. People could not get on the train as they had to stand in line for a ticket for 15 minutes. That is a real problem and there needs to be a kiosk to sell tickets as an alternrative. The next problem was that I was somewhere south of downtown and the marquis said that we were entering 7t
  4. Sounds like the machines are like the ones that they have for MARTA. They are a little too complicated for the novice or the visitor. Someone has to be by just to give simple instructions for the complicated operation.
  5. I am going to give you one of my best kept secrets. It is called National Express bus service. It is available outside of either Gatwich or Heathrow. It is really cheap. You can book on line. It changes at Victoria bus station but tickets can be purchased for points beyond. I usually buy a ticket to Golders Green or Hampstead. If you want a comfortable, interesting ride into London, it is recommended from Gatwich. It goes through the rolling hills and surburbs of Surrey, through inner city London. Give it a shot next time. I use national express to go to all points in the U.K. I sur
  6. I lived in London for about one third of my life. Charlotte is not a London, nor a New York, Chicago, L.A., or many other super large cities. Charlotte is a big city. It is in the top 20 in the U.S. It isn't a super city, but big. The good thing is that Charlotte is getting bigger. The super big cities are going out to the suburbs and becoming smaller. Just sit back, relax, and say, "Charlotte is a big city but not a giant city". Now say, "Charlotte is a big city that needs to enforce anti-smoking laws in public places". I hope you feel better. Additionally, any city that has more than
  7. I am sorry that you didn't see where I was not being confrontative previously. I only wanted an answer which you furnished in our first paragraph. Whenever someone that isn't gay inquires about such situations, it doesn't imply that there is ill intent. I was genuinely interested. I agree with you that all should be equal. If a non-gay common law relationship wasn't eligible for benefits, I would be opposed to a same sex relationship with the same tenure being eligible. Anyway, if you want to see some strange victorian laws, look some puritanical laws in Massachusetts that still exist (
  8. Does the city of Charlotte provide benefits for heterosexual men and women that live together as partners? What kind of ordinances would cover employment and/or housing of homosexuals? I am not being argumentive, I don't really know and would like to. Are the desired ordinances established to disallow discrimination against homosexual couples? If that is the reason for the ordinances, my full support is there. I certainly realize that there are prejudices against gays 'everywhere' and that bothers me. I was very happy recently to see that the Baptist are going to make efforts to be more
  9. You seem to me to be a somewhat self-centered person yourself. I have no negative feelings towards gays. I also have some gay friends. To me they are just friends. I think that the fact that people accept and welcome gays elliminates Charlotte from being gay hostile city. You catagorize the citizens of Charlotte based on comments or views of the mayor or whomever you have mentioned. I don't know anybody that gays, although I must admit that gayness isn't ususally the topic of conversations. I definately do not think that you are 'special'. I think that you are just like me with differen
  10. Honkytube, I am offended. I think that you should take your race agenda someplace else. I enjoy reading about the progress of the city and keeping things in a positive tone. Racial issues should be someplace else.
  11. Since all of this building is going on and tons of things projected, do you feel that it is possible that private investors or corporations may enhance the chances of getting light rail going north before projected dates? Although I live in Florida, I am building a place off of Catawaba (28).
  12. If we want a lot of people living downtown, don't we need to stop building buildings with one unit per floor? It seems that this is not the optimal use of space? Well, I am just glad that something is being built that will allow the preservation of that great theater.
  13. Brianrri, thanks for the words of inspiration. I am moving to the lake area in a few months and it is refreshing to hear positive comments. I have visited Cape Town a couple of times and it is a faublous place. I drank several gallons of Castle Lager there. Additionally, I really like Providence. When I visit my cousin who teaches at Browns University and lives on Browns Ave. (I believe it is Ave.) we eat a Hemmingways on the water. Great place. Good luck to you and your wife.
  14. I have had a few great Indian meals. I remember one on Independence Blvd. across from a Brazilian restaurant. I believe it was near Sharon Amity or that area. I believe that Indian restaurant is now sharing the building with the Brazilian restaurant. I also ate at one out on South Boulevard that was really good. I can't tell you where on South Boulevard as I live in Florida and don't get there as much as I would like. Finally, the one on Kings Drive was pretty good as well. The last time I ate at the one on South Boulevard I noticed on the television the same day that it had been shut down
  15. Metro..M, I apologize. My statements were general. I have no insight into the history of the mayor. I meant nothing derogatory or insulting to anyone. And yes, all citizens should be represented. Good luck in your pursuits.
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