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  1. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    In Downtown Atlanta, four housing projects were redeveloped in recent years: Techwood Homes, Capital Homes, Grady Homes, and Herndon Homes.
  2. Atlanta Beltline - Emerald Necklace

    The completion date for the Piedmont Park expansion project was set for 2010, but work may still be ongoing. Have any delays or tweakages pushed forward the completion date a few years? Also, Piedmont Park had a golf course until 1979. The south area of the park should be renovated to remove all traces of the former golf course.
  3. Detroit Off Topic

  4. Charlotte Center City 2020 Vision Plan

    If that new on-campus stadium is complete, the American Legion Stadium should still be demoed. The Grady Cole Center should, also.
  5. Charlotte Center City 2020 Vision Plan

    The American Legion Memorial Stadium may possibly be crumbling, so how about you add this to the priorities: a new 30k-capacity stadium to replace the existing stadium. The Charlotte 49ers are possibly going to have a college football team in the Division 1-AA level and they are looking at the site of the American Legion Stadium or a new on-campus stadium built from scratch.
  6. Birmingham Coffee House

    On the former site of the Metropolitan Gardens housing project, a mixed-use development should have been built on that area. But I guess it is Birmingham's version of Atlanta's Centennial Place development.
  7. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    The Capitol Gateway Park is a proposed linear park to be placed on a strip of land stretching from the Georgia State Capitol to Oakland Cemetery. It would provide a front lawn and event space. It is bounded by Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Memorial Drive, Capitol Avenue, and Oakland Avenue.
  8. Detroit Off Topic

    1. The Detroit Fine Arts Building and Adams theatre was demolished in July 2009 and a parking lot is currently on the site. 2. Also, the Detroit Riverside Hotel beside the Convention center has closed despite a recent renovation. 3. And the Cobo Arena may possibly be demolished to necessitate the expansion of the Cobo Convention Center. I think that the Joe Louis Arena and all of the convention center should be demolished also. I will come up with plans for a completely new convention centre and a new arena for the Detroit Red Wings. They will be separate projects.
  9. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    I could be opposed to a casino in Atlanta, especially if it is placed in Underground Atlanta. Casinos outside of Las vegas, Atlantic City, Tunica, and Biloxi are always white elephants and in the inner cities, thy are a waste of space. And I am also opposed to that new 29-storey hotel tower. I'm glad that the project was shelved.
  10. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    A sixth runway may be proposed for the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. If there is a sixth runway, it is to be located just to the north of the new fifth runway. I don't know if that proposal will go forward.
  11. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    I haven't heard any news about the proposed Fox Plaza complex (the buildings that are replacing the deceased 615 Peachtree). The project is becoming stale (I hope it doesn't get canceled, though).
  12. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    I should have had the Georgia Dome built a bit to the south when it was constructed back in 1992. I don't care in extended park connects Downtown to the University Centre, I don't want the Georgia Dome torn down. I could try moving the stadium, but it weighs 10 million tons.
  13. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    Why did they suddenly propose this crazy plan? I do not want a new stadium or an expansion to the convention center. The convention centre has run out of space to expand. I would prefer Option A because other options for a new stadium would involve the death of the Georgoa Dome and we don't want that. The GWCC complex is fine the way it is now.
  14. New Orleans Development Thread

    225 Bayonne Street has been vacant since 2005's Hurricane Katrina and a proposal that was announced in September 2007 calls for converting it into 437 apartments at a cost of $150,000,000.
  15. Old DC Convention Center Site

    I want the old DC Convention Centre site used for a hotel, offices and parking. The street grid needs to be restored to the situation before the old Convention Center was built.