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  1. Any idea day when the IPO will be?
  2. Let's hope it is not another chiquita banana that goes away as fast as it comes to the queen city.
  3. Take the dump trump's money and support the homeleshomeles. That will help a little between the rich and the poor.
  4. Where does Trump stop and Biden begin?
  5. Fake Trump news. There are no shooters on the property of Duke energy
  6. Uptown just needs to add a lot more residential to attract more commercial growth.
  7. Just a reminder that all governments are corrupt including the government of the United States of America. The government here binds the laws to do what they want. Example, Duke powere coal ash. And all the other laws that the government binds. I leave this here.
  8. Does anyone know about this? It is a paid article. Corning is huge in North Carolina. Will this be a benefit or a loss.? Please delete if I cannot post a screenshot of this. It is in the CBJ. Thanks
  9. This project will be scraped almost totally. Maybe they can make the underground parking into a large underground bunker. That will be the topping out. 95% or higher of all projects that are not more than 50% on there way will not be completed and almost certain that all projects that have been announced and not started will go to there coffin. Time will tell.
  10. I am sure this project will be finished soon , incomplete because of the coronavirus and the economy. Maybe in twenty years it will be revived .
  11. Awesome. Can't wait to see it rise hire than anything in Southend!
  12. Hopefully sooner than later. Yepper doesn't play around. He know what he wants.
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