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  1. Lake Isabel. Located about 40 miles Southwest of Pueblo on the Pueblo/Custer County line.
  2. Adding to something I said in another thread about the support downtown gets from residents here... I should say that downtown business owners and residents have proven more than willing to invest in themselves. Last year they approved the Downtown Development Authority tax, and while I question the Downtown Partnerships effectiveness, the fact is, downtown is a better place because of the work they do, and they seem to be getting better all of the time. downtown80903 is the downtown partnerships website, and gives a pretty good idea of the work they do.
  3. Yes. Monument Valley Park. from springsgov.com
  4. That would be nice... citizen support for downtown Colorado Springs goes something like this: "I agree, we should make downtown better, as long as it doesn't cost us anything." Despite the city and county governments collapsing under their own weight, the extreme conservative majority here are convinced they are over taxed, and refuse to be taxed any further. It's one of my biggest frustrations. Why all of these people think they can move here from other states to escape high taxes, and not be expected to pay for the infrastructure that we had to build to support their being here is
  5. This is becoming more of a blog than a discussion. Anyway, I don't know if I've mentioned 2-way Tejon on here yet. Our desperate downtown partnership decided one way to bring more shoppers into downtown would be to switch Tejon Street from a 1 way street to a 2 way street. It had been 1 way since the 70's, and last month they made the switch. I'm fairly indifferent... I don't think this type of change will help downtown business any. I don't think people are saying "oh boy, I can't wait to go drive in 2 DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS on Tejon Street! REVOLUTIONARY!." That said, it is nice to be
  6. I live about 3 blocks east of the tracks. Coal trains are constantly passing through. Honestly, I'm so used to the blast of the horns that I hardly notice it anymore. It's comforting in a way. Side note - There is actually a study planned to explore the impacts of moving the tracks east of the I-25 corridor. There have been past proposals to use the tracks for passenger rail between Fort Collins and Pueblo. Read between the lines. I don't necessarily see that it's necessary, though I would use it... but it seems the idea is getting some real consideration. They need to do somet
  7. Do you guys have any personal guidlines for posting renderings. I used to do it all of the time, but then I got... well... scolded by the artist of one of the renderings I posted for not clearing it with him first. I don't really see the problem with using a rendering for our purposes as long as we credit the source. It's not as if anyone is making any money here. Still, I'm uneasy everytime I link to a rendering. Thoughts?
  8. Colorado Springs, Fall 2007 Photo taken by me.
  9. This article in this weeks Independent caught my eye. I have mixed feelings. This stretch is on the southern edge of downtown. It's one of the few parts of town that feels urban with an eclectic mix of businesses and low income housing options, bright flashing lights, and people walking up and down the streets 24-hours a day. It does have a lot of crime... and it does probably look seedy to out of towners. My biggest fear is that this will be yet ANOTHER case of a developer coming in and closing down a business with big promises, only to have the project not go forward. As bad as it is n
  10. What bothers me about what is happening now is that these businesses aren't leaving abandoned neighborhoods... they are just moving out into new sprawl. People living in the older subdivisions have to drive further now, but it's not as if the older subdivisions are emptying out.
  11. Adding to my previous post... There has also been an insane amount of development northeast toward Falcon and in the tri-lakes area... but yes, Powers is really the problem area right now. Another example is the Penrose-St. Francis hospital system. I was born at St. Francis Hospital downtown in 1983. It closed and moved east to Penrose Community Hospital on Academy Blvd. That's where my sister was born in 1987, and where my nephew was just born. Now, Penrose Community is being shut down in favor of a brand new hospital, St. Francis Medical Center, at Powers and Woodmen. It's a text
  12. This past weekend, someone flipped the switch and spring started. One week ago today we had heavy snow. This morning was truly odd and wonderful. Driving into work at 6:30 this morning I saw the most spectacular lightning show. At 6:30 in the morning! We don't have thunderstorms at 6:30 in the morning in Colorado. It's really unheard of. It was great though. Watching the lightning driving into town, eventually driving into the heavy rain. It's fair to say we had our first widespread thunderstorm event of the season today. Denver reported flooding that shut down the offramp on I-25 at 6th
  13. With RT moving to Colorado and a couple of other people posting regularly, I guess now is a good time try to give up SSP cold turkey again. I'm addicted to that place, but it's so bad for me. Anyway, let's see what's worth mentioning out of Colorado Springs today. Los Angeles based Rancho Liborio has opened a store in Colorado Springs. In addition to providing service to an underserved market, this store is also good because it brings new life to one of dozens of dying strip malls in the east central part of the city. Colorado Springs is scrambling to fill empty shopping centers as
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