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    Little Rock Population Estimates

    I agree with what you said except your shreveport numbers I think are off. In 2000 Shreveport had a metro area of 397,000 and in 2005 they are just over 400,000. But some metro areas can be misleading. Atlanta includes 85 miles outside of their city limit as part of their metro area. There is 50 miles between Dallas and Fort Worth for that metro area. Just some examples, in that case New Orelans could include the Baton Rouge and Houma Metro areas to have a combined metro population of 2.3 million b/c both of these metro areas are less than a hour away but New Orelans doesn't do this. Some metro areas can be misleading is all i'm saying.
  2. ctiger69

    Little Rock Population Estimates

    The metro area of Shreveport is smaller than Little Rock's but metro area. But Shreveport city is bigger than Little Rock, I don't believe the Little Rock has ever had a population greater than 200,000. Little Rock is a small city, smaller than Shreveport and Jackson. 2000 population for cities: Shreveport: 200,145 Jackson: 184,133 Little Rock: 183,133