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  1. Midtown just told me that the market will open on May 3rd... i'm not sure why their website says otherwise.
  2. The Moch's hotel has been through site plan review and is good to go, at least as far as Planning is concerned. We did get them to put ground-level retail in, which will be a coffee shop and a small cafe/deli, with direct public access.
  3. By the plans, it looks like 280' - 285' from Bostwick to the top of the spire, vertical.
  4. The plans show approx. 207' from the Bostwick Ave. grade.
  5. We received a request for a demolition permit on 3/20/07. The demo was approved by Historic Preservation Commission on 2/7/07. However, since this building is in a Traditional Business District zone, it requires permission from the Planning Commission to be demolished. We have not yet received their application for a Planning Commission hearing.
  6. This is a good idea. While I think it might be a conflict for me to be a "member" of the group, I'd be interested to sit in on a meeting and hear everyone's thoughts.
  7. Unfortunately, the zoning code is still very much in draft form, so I'm hesitant to say much either way regarding parking minimums or maximums. Sorry. Maybe I can say that the new code seeks to reflect the goals of the Master Plan as much as possible. I expect that we should have a solid draft that I can share in June or so.
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