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  1. But of course you can, both bbnt building and bank of america building share a 3 level subterranean deck. Been there for years. I park in it everyday.
  2. I work right beside the Charter Square site in the Bank of America building and as of last week the first beams of the 1st official story of the 1st tower (The taller Tower) are being constructed so from all indications it seems as that at least at this point the first tower is going to be built as planned finishing sometime early 2010 I'm thinking. Unsure about the second tower.
  3. The upgrade to the airport was overdue, irregardless of how the airline industry is or will perform. The airport model was dated. And it was time to have a fresh look and design model. At least now, the airport can compete.
  4. I agree, now is definetly the time. At least lay the preliminaries down and then in the future it will be easier to build upon it and modify it. It's as clear as day in my opinion.
  5. Ooooh I wanna be on the first flight out of the new RDU. I can't wait to see the finished thing. Dosent seem like it's taken that long to build it.
  6. Denver has a nice vibrant downtown with lots of commerial, and tons of shopping and residential. It has a real 24/7 type feel. And is really clean also. I think Raleigh should emmulate that city. Especially 16th street.
  7. Yeah, he is a really good actor. I saw that guy from Desperate Housewives in the Airport not too long ago. As the area gets more notoriety you are liable to start seeing anyone at the airport of at the malls. My cousin who works at large Jewelry store at Triangle Towne Center saw Basketball phenom Lebron James back during the summer at the mall. I hear people are forever seeing celebs in Atlantas Hartfield Terminal. Keep your cameras and picture phones ready.
  8. Oh, Im sure they will have a ACC store, after all this is the epicenter of the ACC. that's a no brainer. One could miss their flight with all of these shopping and dining options.
  9. Ooooh, I lke the design of the buildings. I liked the old design also. The old design was certainly interesting at the top. But i too am getting a tad tired of all the brick buildings around downtown so I like the neutral colors with blue glass. Its kinda "Futuristic" looking. And overall I think the heights will remain about the same as before. Still out of all the proposed projects the past few years this is still my favorite one. I can't hate on it. Its the perfect balance or retail and living space. And looking down at the construction from Bank of America Plaza I think work may get started on this around October or so of this year.
  10. That mess has got to be the most confusing jumble of roads ever. Surely in the Triangle at least. I have lived in the area most of my life and still occasionally get turned around in Cross roads. But anyhoo there are mumerings of the next mall coming to the Triangle after White Oak out in Garner already. Supposedly is it to be in Holly Springs, somewhere. I'll post info as I hear more. But it's still at least 5-6 years out.
  11. I saw that on "Heroes" too. Even the creative geniusess at work at NBC know that our city is the hotness. And on the front wave of the future.
  12. And yet and still traffic will still be the worst especially during those busy holiday weekends. Crabtree really could be so much more. But Im sad to say I think there is a lack of vision in the powers that govern Crabtree. Oh well, guess I'll be driving to Charlotte to take a look a real Neiman Marcus.
  13. I wonder how long it will be before we see another International Carrier such as Lufthansa airlines out of Germany or one of the Carribbean airlines?
  14. What's the deal with the old "Jillians space" and when and where will the new Jillians be? I keep hearing murmerings of something going in that space.
  15. Southwest did big things for the Airport, I can see them playing a more important role in the future of the Airport.
  16. It's like people say oh I'm from Atlanta.... Lies, they are really from Decatur or Marietta or Buckhead or College Park or Stockbridge or McDonough..... In a few years I'm from Raleigh... No, youre from Cary, Wake Forest. Ah well Better gas up the car we are in for a long ride on the jammed interstates. Really are gonna need that high speed rail in a few more years. But I must admit, it is nice living in one of the most desirable cities in the nation. I've always though Raleigh was IT.
  17. Ahh, The Accolades Continue. Gotta love the Triangle.
  18. On a bright note much of southeast Raleigh including RockQuarry Road and Poole road on the farther extents and even Garner Road has shown a great deal of infill development in the last few years with more on the drawing board. The land in this part of the city is much cheaper and so I expect this trend to continue. In fact there are several large projects planned near the walnut creek amphitheater area. Reminicient of some of the More affluent areas of the city. The really blighted areas in my opinion are those blocks immediately south and east of the core of downtown and a stretch near newbern/poole roads.
  19. I think Crabtree planners are in a limbo mode. And that new Best Buy at the old Toys R Us space just made things worse. Because now they surely won't level that exterior shopping complex and expand the mall. The best they could do is a renovation. Maybe upgrade the Barnes N Noble and attempt to lure "Neiman Marcus" to the old "Lord and Taylor" Spot. Best Buy really was great in its old location. Now theres that big gap in Pleasant Valley. Sheesh.
  20. I think between Yancey's and Fins there will be some serious eating going on. lol. Fins may be a bit pricey though from what I've seen and heard. Yanceys is supposedly going to have an lunch buffet for like $ 8 dollars or something like that. If so fins may have to watch out. Also Bank of America is getting a upscale eatery also. Renovations are underway througout the lobby of that building.
  21. Whatever new things are built should definetly have a 24/7 theme in view. Things like an extended hours Raleigh Main Library.(The city is approaching 400,000 afterall) Typical but Unique and new eateries for the area. More Residential, Shops, perhaps a city entertainment/retail type center like Epicenter in Charlotte or McArthur Center in Norfolk.
  22. That's because the city until very recently has lacked vision. And even now with recent issues (Plensas art, etc..) I still wonder. But with so much momentum downtown I don't see why this project should'nt really take off.
  23. Gandolfo's and it's good. There is one other location I know of in Wakefield also very good. Huge menu, and they have broke the trend of early closers downtown as they stay open to 6 I believe. Enjoy.
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