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  1. I couldn't tell the equipment appeared to be cutting a road down into the woods.Equipment was on the the left hand side if you turn into the campus from Laurens rd.There was also equipment beside Red Roof Inn working back towards the campus main rd.
  2. Clearing has began across from the newly constructed sign and appears to be going all the way back to the red roof inn is this the American Titanium works area
  3. Maybe it was bad concrete or something.Strength tests are usually taken from the concrete and if they don't meet strength then the owner has the option to have the insufficent concrete removed at the contractors and concrete suppliers expence.
  4. jfl25

    The Rumor Mill

    From my understanding the Washington Street building is to be used as a customer service hub.
  5. I read another interesting article about carbon motors.It stated that they had contracted with a european company to supply the drive trains for there new car.Could this be BMW and could that be yet another reason for them to build at ICAR?I also read that in 2006 Carbon motors and Georgia tech had some type of deal.I don't know what happened if anything maybe there just shopping the company around to get georgia to give them a larger incentive package.
  6. All you have to do is ride down Holland and the site is already being graded by Strange Bros.grading company.
  7. Anything will look better than that gas station even a empty parking lot.
  8. Has anyone been along the trail at Furman lately. A section along old roe ford road next to the Woodlands has had concrete and pavers placed and it seems to me like it may be a tram stop location.Anyone have any ideas?
  9. I forgot about the candlelight run.Plus The medical park I mentioned is on laurens rd at the millenium campus not in Icar.
  10. This is the new design for all large Spinx stores.Several have been constructed and I have been told that 5 stores will be completed every year.
  11. That I don't know,but It is a very large investment if rumors are true.
  12. I'm not sure where exactly the stage is set up but it could possible be for the St. Francis Medical office park that is to begin construction on July 15th.This is not the hospital but a separate office center.I have heard that News on the Hospital will be coming soon.Someone I talked with told me that the hospital would spend apx 105 million on there campus not including the cost of the land.If that is true It could mean a very significant building.I think the addition at Oconee hospital cost about 60 mil and its 6 stories.
  13. I think both could be worked to fit this site very well.
  14. Doesn't the Millennium campus extend across I-85 along Laurens rd that is where I thought it would be located.Frontage at I-85 and Laurens for maximum exposure. If I remember corectly didn't the hospital buy 100 acres or something like that.
  15. I hope thats all this is. These developers seem to be the real deal and I hope that this development gets up and running soon.
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