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  1. Of those last ones I like pretty much all of them but I have to say my favorite is Ocean Walk cause it's something different...
  2. Ashford & Earl: Details: Ocean Walk and Pearle at Condado: Pearle at Condado: Details, Pearle: Details, Ocean Walk:
  3. Centro Gubernamental Financiero de Puerto Rico-Construction starts January 2008 This was the original design: Plaza Internacional-Shopping mall currently under construction in San Juan,close to Luis Mu
  4. Gallery Plaza Acquamarina Paseo Caribe Atlantis Harbour Plaza Hotel La Concha
  5. There are lots of proposed projects but it's hard to get them approved
  6. Looks great,that whole area is changing.Do you know when the project will start?
  7. THey all look nice,I thought AquaBlue was going to be built in Guaynabo City...
  8. True.Toa Baja is growing a lot more than Mayaguez and in the 2000 Census it only had a few hundred less than Mayaguez so its the 9th now...
  9. Yeah I know Hatillo is growing a lot compared to Arecibo.Hey,San German,Hormigueros and A
  10. Mayaguez doesn't grow at all,Hormigueros,Cabo Rojo,San German and even A
  11. There are plans for making Light Rail Systems in San Juan,Carolina and Caguas Puerto Rico.
  12. Arecibos downtown is less developed than Mayaguez but the rest is more developed than Mayaguez. I think Altobello hasn't even started...
  13. Yes but the Pueblo supermaret is not in Hato Rey..so thats making me confused...
  14. The thing I don't undertsand is that from what I read the building will be pretty close to the airport so how are they gonna do it?
  15. Hey Dreamerguy, www.puertoricowow.com check the Caribbean Business section,it says there are plans for making a 50-story skyscraper in San Juan. Urbanguy- Same here,many buildings are of the same height so it looks like a wall...looks boring lol
  16. The tallest building is like 36 floors..I understand if theres a limit for buildings close to airports but there should be no limit if its not close to it or its routes(?)... I just read an article that says there are plans right now to make a 50 story building in the Condado Area right where the Pueblo supermarket is.
  17. Buildings over here are very low in height...I think the Coliseum Tower Residences looks great
  18. There has to be many more projects..even though its a pain in the ass to get approval for a construction over here..
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