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    At least Charlie isn't selling any of our Senate seats....Its funny how we can't see past the liberal media stories and find some good, im glad he will be working on Commuter Rail...he is a good guy and he has the publics interest at heart, despite what the media would have you believe.

    55 West

    I think they should get rid of the art areas they had put aside turn that into meeting space and open the freaking building already...screw the art it doesnt bring in money and right now money and people are more important than some space they have set aside for art that will never get looked at, there are plenty of other places in this town to put art on display.
  3. I am going to try and show up during lunch sometime and give my input, not that it matters
  4. Once the Overpass at 436/50 is complete they will be starting either the flyover and interchange at 436/Redbug Lake Road or the 436/1792 overpass.

    The VUE

    So i went into the Vue today, and i really like my house a lot more now. Walking down the halls and the building, it was almost like walking through a strile hospital, very boring. Some of the units had concrete floors that were painted not wood floors, and the concrete was not even smooth there were chips in it, and the railings werent very straight they were rusted looking and cheep. the fixtures were cheap which is fine that is urban but not for over 300k. The bedrooms were small and one of the them has no windows. The lofts look like raquetball courts very closed in. The one end unit i looked at was nice but paying 30K for blinds to cover all the windows does not appeal. And when you walk out onto a balcony you can see inside your neighbors rooms and walking down the halls of the end units you can see into your neighbors condos. The view is nice for now, until something gets built and the amenities are nice but the HOA fees are really high as well. I would rate this building as plain and over priced for orlando, and there was no one in the building i saw one other person in the building after touring it. If only they were cheaper it would be worth it, but i have the same style stuff in my house and it cost a lot less for me to do the house, and i was so excited to see it too
  6. But until then, even when they get the leg done from 441 to 429, the 429 will be backed up for a couple miles at 441 where it terminates now. I dont see a reason to build the leg from 441 to 429 without building the other leg at the same time, traffic backs up now for a mile or so at rush hour to get on 441 past apopka. Then once that second leg is done from 429 to 441 near plymouth sorrento, that road and 441 will be a horrible mess going into mt. dora. It is going to creat more residential and industrial developement out that way, not much commercial at all, infact it looks as if a ginormous industrial warehouse is going up in the 429/414 interchange area right now.


    I actually dont think those are for Mills Park i think they might be for the New Fl. Hospital Parking Garage on Mcrae Ave
  8. Aww i worked on design of some of those stores a while back...none ever got started building when i was working with them. I did not know they were doing them in central florida though just down south, thats cool.

    The Plaza

    At this point im not waiting anymore, im just hoping to forget about it, and when it does open sometime in the next few year, it will be a surprise, lol

    The Plaza

    Can someone just email me when it actually opens


    Yes i know what you mean, my parents have property out in Apopka, and ever since they started building lots of subdivisions out there the rodents have been unbareable, they cant get rid of them.
  12. Yes they are extending Maitland Blvd/414/apopka by pass/ John land expressway, yes it has a lot of names, out to the 429 south of obt with an interchange at maitland blvd current terminus at 441 and Hiawassee Rd, and the another interchange at the 429. Eventually the road will continue West over the 429 and off to 441 in Plymouth right where Plymouth Sorrento Road/437 runs into 441. Then from there the wekiva parkway will continue north paralleling 437 until it gets north of kelly park road then it will spur off west to 46 near mt dora and east toward sanford, crossing over mt plymouth road and running parallel with state road 46 until it hits I4 but not connecting directly to the 417 which i think it stupid. A loop Road should be continuous, its like the 429 and 417 down by disney dont connect you have to get on I4.

    55 West

    so i guess in a month or so we will have no tower cranes up in downtown orlando area at all...only one at 55 west now, one at OUC and one at Fl Hospital. Which Fl Hosp will be coming down soon and OUC is going up fast so it wont be there for much longer i imagine.


    i hope so they brought in a lot of dirt to the north side of the site and from what i have heard that is the first part that is suppose to be constructed, the medical office part.


    Dirt is being brought in today things are beginning to happen Something new to be excited about.
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