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  1. What is that "chimney" thing? That's my only comment.
  2. Eventually it is supposed to be the third and largest research building in the research park.
  3. The way I see it is there's basically the NFL and college football in America. The UFL is operating in purgatory. The state may not have its own professional football team, but it has a lot of college football with most large schools having a D-1 team. Are there enough people in the region that aren't already affiliated with a football team, or in other words, is there enough free money floating around to support a professional team in a league perpetually in limbo? IMO, you would have to really love some football to go see the Destroyers. I don't particularly like pro-football, so maybe I'm overly pessimistic. How about the coach they hired...? TD Ameritrade board meetings must have been a sight. "Profits, I want you to bring some strong D! IPO and M&A, get your a$$e$ to the endzone. GO! GO! GO!"
  4. Does anyone see this team or even this league becoming successful? And if you plan to go to Destroyer games, can you explain why?
  5. The tide will be around longer than the tea party. All aboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. They copied the design brick for brick. I can't remember the guy's name that does these drawings, but he should be fired.
  7. The city needs to get someone who doesn't think Norfolk should be a giant history reenactment park. I know these are preliminary designs, but I think they set the mood for what will eventually be built. Everything doesn't have to match. Has anyone seen the design of the new San Francisco terminal? It's amazing. Norfolk couldn't come close to providing the funds for something like that, but that doesn't mean we have to stick with these rehashed buildings. I am underwhelmed by the vision.
  8. cpeakesqr

    Granby Tower

    I'm really not worried about what the Feds are going to build there. I was looking at some fairly recent federal courthouses, and they're not that bad architecturally. Would it have been nice to have a residential development? Yes. But this expansion will be better than nothing. I think the worst thing that could happen is that the new building will try to be to "matchy-matchy" with the old building.
  9. The idea of a little cheap carnival parked right there in downtown seems silly. Unless it came and went for festivals only, I don't think it'd be good for the city. In the end, it's not a long-term solution for that spot. If we could support a huge ferris wheel like the London Eye, I'd be all for it.
  10. I don't resent your comment, but it's all bunk. Welfare, as originally mentioned in this thread, was equated with military dollars. That's just not true. There seems to be a general confusion of terms in this place. Also, you cannot paint public sector jobs with such broad strokes. There are certainly performance-based mechanisms in place for the talented to rise vis-a-vis the "incompetent" or "lazy." In fact, some agencies have an "up or out" policy. In the same way, the private sector cannot be generalized as strictly performance-based or as a meritocracy. Anyone in the private sector can recount tales of incompetent bosses that just "get by" by being friendly with people at the top.
  11. I wish more were being done to ORF than additional parking. Hopefully, one of these days, someone will realize that brown is not a smart color choice for long tubular terminals. It's a real bummer taxiing up to those monstrosities when you're flying in from some place that was all glass and steel. Welcome to Norfolk, enjoy your stay!
  12. You have to wonder whether Vegas even wants a pro-sports team. It would kinda be a distraction from the main draw.
  13. I consider them the same thing.
  14. APM is a part of Maersk, it was and is a private venture to the south of what many consider "Craney Island". THE Craney Island terminal project is still in the works, and for some reason I have the opposite impression as you, with it being a VPA project and not a private venture. Someone clear this up...
  15. New Master Plan and Future Construction Awesomeness.
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