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  1. Northerner

    Orangeburg Developments

    Thanks SimCity. Only now I came back to check the messages. I've been pretty much enjoying Orangeburg county, the people are very nice. Been watching home prices here, but can't find any really good deals anymore.
  2. Northerner

    Columbia Photo of the Day

    North Town Hall - about 25 miles south of Downtown Columbia. Location online: Town of North
  3. Northerner

    Orangeburg Developments

    Hi guys, In July 2006 I have moved me and my business to Orangeburg County. I live in one of the small towns between Orangeburg and Columbia. I kind of like both Columbia and Orangeburg, although I do most of my shopping and business in Orangeburg cause it's a little bit closer to me than Columbia. I think the summers here are very hot, but not as humid as I was expecting. I like the location of where I live, - it's between Savannah, Charleston, Columbia and Aiken/Augusta, and, of course, Orangeburg. In the wider sense Orangeburg county is about half way between New York City and Miami (545 miles to Miami and 627 miles to NYC). By the way, Orangeburg county looks like a dog facing South-East, with dog's nose in Eutawville, dog's eye in Santee, dog's mouth in Holly Hill, dog's heart in Bowman, dog's ears in Elloree, stomach in Orangeburg, and, "unfortunately" the dog's peppermint in the town of North... well... that's where I live... :-) My decision was taken solely and purely because of the cost of local real estate. I could find a nice, big house for very affordable dollar. I hope it works out for me and for the county as well, since I do an international business in over 200 countries of the world. I believe in the Location and in the long term I notice South Carolina is developing into some kind of California of the East Coast. John