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  1. Thx Alexis for the updates. @ Urbanguy: there's a lot of updates and new constructions going on, but I dont have enough time to post them all. I'll do my best with them but at least there are more of us (Ricans) around so we are gonna give this site an update haha. BTW yeah its been ages since I last saw u here!! Where u trapped in the twilight zone??? lol
  2. Ocean Walk - 47 stories. A mixed-use development (commercial, residential and hotel) including 1000 parking spaces. Proposed site @ McLeary Ave. in the Ocean Park sector of San Juan. Permits for the construction of this building are almost complete. Ashford & Earle - 35 stories. Another mixed use development. Proposed site between Ashford Ave. and Earle St. in the Condado sector of San Juan. Permits approval almost complete. Pearle @ Condado - 37 stories. Condominium with only 72 apartments. Proposed site @ Ashford Ave between the Atlatinc Ocean and the Condado Lago
  3. These links show up in a map the majority of the new projects that are being build in the Hato Rey and Condado districts of San Juan. Condado Area (You can see the location of one of the two 50-story buildings that are going to be build, plus another 36-story building coming soon that together will change San Juan's skyline) http://www.vivesanjuan.com/condado2010.htm There are renders of one of the two 50-story buildings as well of the 36-story building but the picture was taken from a newspaper and the quality of the pictures wasn't the best. So we are still looking for better render
  4. These are some projects going on in San Juan. As I said before for name and more information about them please visit http://www.vivesanjuan.com Render of the new Sheraton Hotel right in the heart of the new Convention Center District. View of the entire Convention Center District. The convention center is already open and the district (113 acres site) is under construction. More random projects in the San Juan area.
  5. The following are some construction projects in San Juan. For more information about the buildings and more projects you can visit http://www.vivesanjuan.com San Juan World Trade Center Roosevelt Center Aquablue San Juan Bayside Kalaf 33
  6. Jaykar

    SLC pictures

    Wow Salt Lake City looks great. Nice pics, thx for sharing
  7. Wow nice pic. It could be a wallpaper
  8. I was checking out D-Man's page and the San Juan Expo Center caught my attention. If they build it, it seems there's another big building (maybe 40 or 50 stories) coming to town. At least thats what looks like in the drawing of the proyect. San Juan's skyline is going to change in the next years. Finally people are thinking that we aren't a continent and that space to build is getting limited. Another project I liked is the Quantum Metrocenter. Would like to know how tall Q-Tower will be. The only info in the article is that is going to be Hato Rey's tallest building.
  9. D-Man that page you have created is definetely amazing. Santini should pay you to redesign San Juan's Official Webpage. Keep up the good work.
  10. Wow, didn't know how many construction projects were taking place in San Juan. Emporis should update their info with your website D-MAN. I think I should graduate from Civil Engineering instead of Electrical Eng. Hahaha . Asome website you have created.
  11. Yeap. Toa Baja had a population of 94,085 in the 2000 US Census.
  12. I've been living in Mayaguez during four years because Im a student at UPRM but I used to live in Camuy (a couple of minutes west of Arecibo, for those who dont know about) and well... been in both places for such a long time I could say Mayaguez is by far more developed than Arecibo, downtown or anywhere else inside the municipality. The only advantage Arecibo has is that you can get to it using Highway 2 or expressway 22 but in terms of commercial, residential and industrial development, Mayaguez is way ahead. Although in population both are similar, Mayaguez urban area is larger and more
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