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  1. Short article in the Pilot about MacArthur Center turning 10 years old last week yet no hope in sight for a third anchor tenant In ten years, the mall has generated $2.3 billion in total sales and $73 million in tax revenue
  2. Short blurb in the VP Business section today, the Westin is still in the design phase according to the LTD managing partner.
  3. I'm sending in my application for an appointment to the Downtown Design Review Committee...everyone keep your fingers crossed! Plan B is the Craney Island Planning Commission, Plan C is History Committee
  4. High End Condos Sell Luxury, But Few are Buying Some note-worthy items... Harbor Heights: more than 33% unsold condos Westin in Va Beach: 88 out of 120 sold, only 8 for the year in 2008 Franklin Condos on Duke/Brambleton: 19 units, has not sold a single one since finishing development in 2007 (i guess the contract he had with his family member fell through)
  5. There is a transportation thread...why start a new one?
  6. Concede the re-tiling point, but until we find out what their idea of improvement is, I'm still on board. In a perfect world the 264/464 intersection needs to be completely redone; 95% of cars coming from 464 are trying to get to downtown and 98% of cars on 264 are trying to head to Norfolk/Va Beach. And the state currently has called for bids on the project, they're not just rubber-stamping Skanska. But if no other offers come in, at some point desperation becomes a factor. We've seen what a decade of procrastination can do, imagine another decade of it. We need something, anything at this point.
  7. I disagree completely. It needs done, desperately. The highway extension is not useless, it's one of the worst things in Portsmouth right now. Driving down London Blvd to Frederick or Effingham to get onto 264 is a pain, and clogs streets with traffic. Unifying the tunnels with a highway is sorely needed, especially with the volume of port traffic in the area. If the state can't do it, which looks more and more likely every day, why not let a private partnership do it? The Midtown tunnel is the most pressing issue in the area, hands down. It has to be fixed as soon as possible. The downtown would be in the top 5. It makes sense to have all the projects completed as one, rather than splitting them up or hoping against hope that the state finds the money.
  8. I missed that, wish i would have seen it. Nice to know that city is planning on borrowing $1 billion, since the city pays for EVERY development in the area...it's simple education, open your eyes! Go Tide Go!
  9. I officially hate most VB NIMBYs, the VP for reporting that god-awful $7.2 million assessment number, and the VBTA. The sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling. This is where Sessoms over Obendorf is going to be a huge advantage. There's your referendum folks, the last election. They lost!
  10. There's been no talk about this project being canceled, nor will there be. This project is a go, just with a later completion date.
  11. That was the city's fault, not the developer, i'm still smarting from that one, losing a chance, however unlikely, to completely redevelop the city in fell swoop. I'm with you though
  12. Which far left building? If you're referring to the far left building on the existing corner parking, according to you the UMT is going exactly there. varider it's okay to say you're doubting, i think we all are, hopeful but skeptical, we're talking the largest project since the Hilton in the throes of one of the worst economic situations our generation has ever seen. Basing it off rumor and hearsay is asking alot. We all feel the same as you do...we're hoping that it comes to fruition, but we're all skeptical until there's something besides one person saying it.
  13. Business in Portsmouth? What business? Haha, that's why i'm paying out the wazoo in real estate taxes! Agree about the toll though, it's gonna get old heading down Military Highway and the High Rise anytime i need to get across the river
  14. Or raising salaries to compensate for the increase for cost of living, maybe finally get in line with the housing prices that are still out of proportion
  15. Part of the issue is that downtown Norfolk is still not yet a traditional, 24/7 downtown. Monday - Friday there's workers downtown, from 8/9 AM - 5/6 PM...then they leave, to go home to Chesapeake or Virginia Beach. Friday nights and Saturday nights there's late night traffic, but little else. Saturday and Sunday there's traffic to MacArthur, but that's an enclosed space, there's nothing enticing them to venture across the street. While Norfolk has made impressive strides in bringing residents to downtown, there's still miles to go before there's people downtown continuously throughout the day. There also needs to be paths and traffic driving to bring people from MacArthur and Town Point Park to Granby St, connecting all of downtown. Currently, that's not anywhere near happening.
  16. They were trying to sell, asking for $1.6 mil for the business, obviously it didn't work out.
  17. I'm not a mod, but watch the political comments. It can and will offend some, myself included It's be worth looking into to see if Norfolk approved it or not...i wasn't even aware the bowling alley was gone but i don't get out that way often
  18. That definitely won't happen, it's a small miracle that it's lasted this long. Cheesecake Factory was looking at franchising small cafes ten years ago, it only created two locations (MacArthur and Dulles Airport I think) but since they were created there has been no feedback or communication besides check writing with CCF in the last five years. It's amazing CCF hasn't pulled the name yet, but it certainly won't keep a marginal franchise in a failing location (six straight years of declining sales, down from a high of $1.5 million) I get your point about the exclusivity, but it's as good as gone.
  19. This was expected, any new vendor will be very small. On a related note, I ran into the GM of MacArthur last weekend. It's virtually official that HMSHost (Burger King, Nathans, Lotus, Cajun, Cheesecake, Hersheys and Starbucks) will not have their contract renewed after expiration in December 2010. Even in the event that the mall would want to re-up their contract, which they do not, HMSHost doesn't look like want to re-up either. So we look like we're looking at an all new food court next year sometime! The person who resulted in me leaving the food court and proceeded to run it into the ground was demoted and is transfering out of state, but the damage has been done.
  20. What about the planning commission, emailing them? That might do something?
  21. YEs, and the hotel is the Aloft...there's a whole thread on it
  22. Best Buy would never open up in Janaf, completely wrong demographics in the area (i'm not talking about race, i'm talking about per capita income and average household income)
  23. LTD has been lining their ducks in a row to ensure a smooth transition to construction. No way this doesn't get built. To even mention the "project that shall not be named" in relation to this one is borderline blasphemy committed, experienced and reliable developer, actual city contribution and investment, including land and building their convention center and a packaged hotel deal are just some of the reasons why the two are in NO way alike
  24. With a slow economy, development progress is way down from two or three years ago when i first joined the forum (Norfolk is far ahead of other places given the times but still slower than previous years) so why not have a debate and continue it? IMO the biggest scar in Norfolk's history would be the Yellow fever pandemic, if you want to go WAAAAY back. Prior to the outbreak, Norfolk was on pace to be one of the top five or ten largest cities in terms of population in the mid 1800s. The outbreak stunted all growth for decades and forced Norfolk to the back of the line. Norfolk was never able to recover it's place near the front, and from the looks of things over the last century and a half almost certainly never will... urban i'm not sure what your point was with Section 8 housing? Did the city destroy a historical area or neighborhood to build public housing? Certainly the steps the city took in Ghent, while paying off, but from my understanding were some shady tactics? Essentially forcing black citizens out of their homes and offering tax rebates to people to rehabilitate the houses? Or do i have that completely wrong? Random thought...For whatever reason, i have a soft spot in my heart for old coal and ship warehouses on the docks. Everytime i see a picture of downtown Norfolk with those long barn shaped buildings, i wonder what Norfolk could have done to save or renovate rather than destroy. New York City always comes to mind when i see those, and think about some of the projects NYC has been able to convert them into (apples to oranges in terms of budget and developers i know) And since seeing pictures of the Navy YMCA (i may just start referring to the building as that rather than the Union Mission) i think no matter the cost the building should be renovated and restored to it's glory. Of course, i'm not the one of the hook for a hundred million or however much it may cost...
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