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  2. I personally would love for Independence to be dropped beneath Virginia Beach Blvd, but i don't think it'll happen. And while the nimbys are out in force, i do have to agree, the idea of shrinking virginia beach blvd is one of the worst ideas in a long time
  3. Two months ago while i was interviewing with different companies, one of my head hunters gave me a rundown on Jillians. They're located in Charlotte, so not on site, but in their location profile it said inspite of the uncertainty with the venue, regardless Jillians was commited to the market for at least the next decade; specifically, even if they closed or lost their lease, they would for certain open elsewhere. Obviously every company is different, but that's the take that Jillians has at least.
  4. That's unusual, Blackfinn was the newest entertainment tenant (if i'm not mistaken) that's pretty abrupt. Another economy victim?
  5. Thanks burt, i appreciate it. I thought there might be a little more history to it since it's still there a century later (it obviously looked old) Either way it was very unique above the mounds and mini-islands in the James River.
  6. I have a random question, i was in Richmond yesterday for a business meeting, and was really the first time in a decade that i've been, and my first time in downtown. While driving over Belle Island on 301, i looked over to what i've found is the 9th st bridge (i think?) There's stacks of brick bridge supports that run parallel to the 9th St Bridge....what is that, and what's the history?
  7. Norfolk Asked to Buy Union Mission and while i don't agree with many MANY things that Riddick says, i think he hits the nail on the head:
  8. So i'm correct in assessing that there is no vote out there from taxpayers saying NO to light rail? Unlike what these NIMBYs were saying?
  9. I haven't had my camera and i'm flying by, but this phase one of this project is nearing completion. They're accepting reservations for apartments now, and the right side of the development looks to be 90% complete, while the left looks to be around 70%. If anyone gets the chance to take pictures before I do, please post them, this development looks great! Phase 2 is just a dirt lot still
  10. Lightrail Proposal Passage Met With Awe I didn't see it, but this bill has been signed and goes into effect in November, details are in the article but basically call for studies and there is $15 million from the state set aside for purchasing right of way. Here's what i don't understand, and Henry help me out if you could: Comments and posts talk about Virginia Beach residents dont want light rail, taxpayers said no. I thought the referendums were for paying for the light rail by raising the sales tax? Was there a simple vote on yes or no to light rail, if so when? If there wasn't, then the argument is moot until there's actual an announcement about the cost of this hypothetical project. Can someone clear this up?
  11. scm, any word on the big news development? Also, no one posted it, but Sen. Lucas' project was rejected to use city bonds for their project, which was hit or miss for a little while, and was a lot closer than it should have been.
  12. spiker3

    Norfolk Pictures

    Leaning Tower of Norfolk, there's a thread for that building somewhere in here, i don't know the history of the building beside it leans? I'm pretty sure that's the building
  13. I don't disagree at all, the economic situation/stability we have versus other cities as a result of the amount of government jobs is definitely a factor in a lack of sports teams, but i believe facilities plays into it. The idea that the Expos could have played at Harbor Park for 3 or 4 years while a new stadium would be built was laughable. The Hornets played at Scope or even the Ted was a joke. The Rhinos playing at the Scope was ludicrous. Revenue streams may be hard to come be due to the economic make up of the area but they'll be completely non-existent without the proper facilities to generate them. Smithfield will never buy the naming rights to Scope or Harbor Park or the Ted; it doesn't make fiscal sense. They could however purchase them for a new arena, ball field or race-track. I don't disagree the point, you're exactly right, but i feel that foresight in the 90's could have earned ourselves a major league team. When we went through the Rhinos fiasco, if Norfolk city council had realized our lack of facilities had prevented realistic consideration and financed a new building, we would have had a much much stronger shot at the Hornets, possibly even receiving them, or even the Sonics. (Hypotheticals are easy to talk about and i realize the political stupidity in this area building a 20K seat arena with no tenants) On a sidenote, i finally went to see the 'Tides' play last night, and while a good crowd for a Saturday night ballgame, the product on the field was horrendous. When the majority of the crowd is rooting against the home team (granted it was the Paw Sox, Red Sox affiliate) and the home team wouldn't defeat a decent Class A club, what's the point? My friend asked me, why is it that every player is from Puerto Rico, Cuba or Central/South America (all but 1 of the starting line-up) Ken Young has done wonders for minor league sports in Hampton Roads, but this affiliate deal with the Orioles and Lightning are two of the worst sports decisions in the history of the area. I was embarassed to support a team with a manager who didn't seem to understand the fundamentals of baseball at times, or players who did the same. It may make sense from a business standpoint for Ken Young and the Orioles, but it is an embarassment to the area to have to support a team without an identity (black and orange uniforms, but the ballgirls, bat boys, Rip Tide, promotional materials are all the old blue and white schemes) a team that is incapable of winning, or a team that will produce any major league caliber players. As a young fan it was exciting to see Benny Agbayani, Alex Ochoa, players that looked successful, then watch tv that fall and see them producing and performing in the majors. Those were teams that won, and had a sense of self and identity. Last night was embarassing as a fan and as a student of the game. I hope Ken Young made a truckfull of money with these deals. The Admirals never had a losing record in 19 consecutive years. We sign an affiliate deal with the Lightning and post the worse record in the history of the franchise. Next year is supposed to better with new owners, only time will tell. But unless Ken Young laughed his way to the bank, Hampton Roads got the short end of a very long stick, something that won't be changing in the foreseeable future.l
  14. Also, Virginia Beach City Council is not comfortable paying for something that will benefit the area, not just VB residents. Norfolk is the only city with any opportunity and city council make-up to support major league sports, any franchise, any league. Fraim might be able to get VB on board, but VB would never head a move for a major league franchise. It's Norfolk or nothing and that's the way it will be for the foreseeable future.
  15. The fact that White House/Black Market is coming back to the area (?) and not reopening a store in MacArthur Center speaks volumes as well. Their MacArthur location was very successful, but pulled out due to exorbinant rent and costs. While MacArthur may be a upscale mall, sooner or later Taubman may have to adjust their leasing policies to prevent instances like this from continuing.
  16. I agree to a point about the quality developers, but they only offered for the library after garnering no interest for condos in the market. Additionally, these developers ordered a feasbility study for putting a multi-million dollar penthouse on top of the building. When told the over one hundred year old building was in no engineering condition to support new century style additions, they ignored the study and released the company, searching for a company who would rubber stamp the idea. Thankfully the condo idea was dropped, but decisions made out of pure greed do not strike me as quality developers and having the city's best interest in mind, just their own. Either way, having read the article and seeing that they're not expecting to charge Wachovia Center prices for Class A space, i'm encouraged about the prospects. Treating this as a new top-of-the-line development could have led to some issues with occupancy levels, etc. I'm intruiged still by the ballroom on the 8th floor, with original paneling, i'd love to see it sometime, before and after restoration.
  17. I'm with you, but as long as our primary arena is over two decades old (referencing the ABA All-Star game we hosted in the 70s) there's zero chance of ever scoring a team. And our chances have worsened in the last two years with the Tides and Admirals signing team affiliations with basement dwelling squads, I'm a supporter of local sports and have yet to see the 'new' Tides or 'new' Admirals. When we have winners (like we had for years with the Mets, ECHL and Blackhawks) there was firm support. Now we're left with scrubs and support has dwindled, which makes it far more difficult for us to lure anyone. I'm resigned to never seeing a sports team here in my lifetime, unfortunatel.
  18. That's incorrect sir, on Hampton Blvd from the Midtown Tunnel to 35th St buildings line both sides of the road, and from Olney to 21st the buildings on both side are historical houses and apartment buildings. While there are four lanes instead of Colley's two, eliminating two lanes for LR would be a disaster for Midtown Tunnel traffic, which will prevent it from happening, as well as tearing down historical houses and residences. No way does Hampton Blvd get LR from EVMS to 21st St. So the question remains, how does it get to ODU?
  19. Via the General Assembly website, locate your Delegat/Senator. His email is allegedly [email protected] If that is wrong i obviously have no way of knowing; however, i did receive a reply back from Sen. Fred Quayle this afternoon. scm i agree with the gas tax proposal as well, i wasn't necessarily arguing for Kaine's proposal, but to be honest, i don't care anymore about what the solution is, i just want one. Whether gas, registration, tolls, budget cuts, i dont care. Fix our transportation quagmire.
  20. In light of today's House Rules Committe rejection of Kaine's transportation package, i sent the following to Del. Jannou: Subject: Vote in Committee - RE: Transportation Message: Delegate Joannou, I see today you voted to reject Governor Kaine's plan for taxation as a part of the House Rules Committee. While I personally disagree with you and Governor Kaine on many things, transporation has formed a vise-grip on the region, clogging our tunnels, interstates and spilling over to domestic roads. What alternative will you be offering to Governor Kaine's plan? As a legislature of elected officials, my expectation as a taxpayer and proud voter is to have the transportation enigma solved by the General Assembly, rather than continued politicizing and blocked efforts. While I am firmly against any tax increases, I do understand the negative effects that our gridlock has been causing to our regional economy and well-being. In that manner, I support raised taxes if it will fix the problems. I look forward to hearing your reply as well as your alternative plan for improving transportation, whether yours or a fellow official. Please respond at your earliest convenience.
  21. There's an article on VP about this, but does anyone on here, or inside the state of Virginia even, truly believe that Jim Webb is a viable Vice-Presidential candidate?
  22. Sky thanks for posting those pics, i've always wondering about City Center but i've never been out there
  23. I was hoping somebody couldn't contain themselves and spilled the beans early surferheel, i'm with you, as a Portsmouth resident i'm all for my tax dollars enticing a huge international conglommerate. Thankfully Portsmouth City Council seems to be a little more advanced in ignoring residents pointless criticism.
  24. scm....is this the news?!?!? APM in Talks to Bring North American HQ to Portsmouth
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