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  1. I'm hoping in no way does it have anything do with Sen Lucas' shenanigans off Victory Blvd...how she fleeced $1.8 million from residents to finance it is beyond me. Here's to hoping City Council doesn't blow my tax dollars on a poorly planned pipe dream You do have me excited tho scm
  2. I don't have the link handy, but the Pilot did a full article profile on the heads of LTD and their families a few months ago, they came off as extremely close and strong-bonded family proud of their Indian (?) heritage. It added 6 stories to the building, and brings millions in household income to downtown. More power to em!
  3. Was it a new sign or the sign on the Freemason St side of the building? This project was originally supposed to be condos but had virtually zero interest and then changed to office space last i heard.
  4. Originally the company i work for, Paradocks, put a bid on this lot to build a Virginia Beach location, and we were negotiating with the seller when whoever bought the property put down cash for the entire purchase and took it from beneath us. We tried negotiating with the new buyer to buy a portion (the 10K sq foot lot) but he wanted to lease, we wanted to own, so we walked away.
  5. Hotel and conference center, but still true... I would like to see another rendering, rather than the bland surroundings, the 3D helps but id like to see a true picture as well, but definitely looking great
  6. Gorgeous, i like the design alot, and being slightly removed from TC the rents should be lower than the 'luxury apartments' at the Cosmo
  7. The biggest issue i have might be more at the Pilot than DNC, but this in no way strikes me as in the same realm of a Seattle Fish Market, St Louis Arch, etc. Hopefully that was just the Pilot stretching the analogies and not the intention of these people. To me, while appealing, the rendering lacks any distinct feature or landmark. The bell tower is the only thing, and i agree vdogg, a little too small town main square for an urban center like Norfolk. Where's the originality? A park with benches, plazas and fountains? Big deal. you think virginia beach is going to be identified by the fountain with three bronze birds in the middle? Of course not. If this is the 'gateway' to downtown, to the heart of Norfolk, then let's get some people thinking outside the box, something bold and original, that will instantly be recognizable as being 'in Norfolk' (and please God not a mermaid) I know it's not going to happen but blandness/cookie cutter belongs in Town Center not in downtow Norfolk. That rendering could be a light rail station in Charlotte, Portland, Dallas, anywhere.
  8. A boutique hotel fits exactly with the niche that Town Center is trying to fill. Cool, hip and trendy. Exactly what a boutique hotel serves. People who want higher than a Hilton Garden Inn without the price of a Westin. A W hotel in Virginia Beach would be another major coup for the area, and fit perfectly with the locale and provide tourists an alternative to the Oceanfront and Newtown Rd. Until our vacancy rates in the area shoot astronomically high, there will never be enough hotels. And, a W hotel would provide a 'wow' reaction. There's a movie theather three blocks from Block 9, let's not forget that. It's much easier to renovate or build an addition to Regal, by partnering with them to build an art house or IMAX theater then waste valuable land on a project that wouldn't gain much traction or build tax revenue. That parking lot hell with Bed Bath n Beyond and Regal is in sore need of renovation anyways to fit the TC 'feel'
  9. W possibly, almost definitely not aLoft, that wouldn't fit with the town center feel (it has a drive in car wash as feature) but anything's possible at this point.
  10. What is the 20 story building to the far left (i dont remember the block #s) That really is a phenomenal picture And i still curse Dave Hansen when i wake up each day vdogg
  11. They'd have to be to afford rent compensating for 18 units sitting empty. I don't remember hearing office/medical as part of the original plans for this building, which is why it's funny to me. For this project to still be going on, after almost three years is absurd. There's 1 unit sold, and now commercial space leased to make up for failing sales. At this stage they'll take anything to help pay their financing off. Get what you can in today's market, but this is an indicator of just how far downtown's market has fallen.
  12. Well, it's funny to me, but maybe i have a crude sense of humor... Franklin Condos has a new tenant....a dentistry i guess you have to get rent money wherever you can get it, especially since selling one unit to a cousin
  13. It's been years, and i'm fairly certain it closed a while ago, but is Le Chambord (sp?) still around? French cuisine in va beach, somewhere in Great Neck or FC?
  14. Actually Norfolk's city council and Regina Williams were quoted saying they never followed up with NSU till a few months ago because of the focus on federal approval, that's where that statement comes into play. It's one of the reason Williams is taking considerable more heat; i wouldn't be shocked to see her before the end of the year, depending on how the rest of the year goes for her.
  15. NSU Will Greenlight Light Rail.....At a Cost This has gotten out of hand. This letter is three weeks old, but shame on NSU. This is not Christmas, you don't get to put together a list of items to be completed for approval. It's called blackmail and extortion. Regina Williams is NOT taking as hard a line as she needs to with this hogwash. Fraim has it right, it's not going to happen. Williams needs to wake up and realize that this problem is not going away until the city forces NSU into waking up to reality. Light rail is going to happen. We are not purchasing the presidents home and then giving it to NSU. This is under construction, not in the planning stages. Shame on NSU for this immature nonsense. ODU is laughing their butts off right now at how proposterous NSU's directors look right. Shameful.
  16. Hoteiler Eyes Land Across From Pilot Plant First off, a FOUR star DoubleTree? Seriously? I'm a bit baffled though. This property is off of Greenwich Rd, which VDOT announced in February was going to be closed off and dead ended. This property is at the very end of the road. The new Newtown/64/264 Interchange flyover essentially eliminates two way traffic on Greenwich, and where this property is, it would turn into an entrance ramp from 264. Just seems like $10 - $12 million for a lot appraised at $2 million and slated to lose it's traffic flow could have been done differently. But seriously, a four star doubletree?
  17. Regional Lawmakers Support HRBT Expansion But Have No Pay Play After Fraim's announced support, it looks like an expanded HRBT is going to be a definite addition to the regional transportation package. The only question is does it replace one of the six, or become an addition? The bigger question that's bothering me, these plans look great on paper, and i think that the third crossing and the expanded HRBT will have a definite impact, but overall, are these going to fix the current problems, simply postpone them, or be too little too late? Without doing something like a Big Dig in Boston, i don't know that these projects are going to be a solution, i think it's playing catch-up, and by the time they're completed the problem will have grown past what they were intended to fix in the first place. Of course, first and foremost we have to find $12 billion to pay for this, but i don't have to write the laws, just have to pay for them
  18. I think the point of the article wasn't about a lack of crowds at night, the bars and clubs will always draw some type of crowd, but that during the day, and Sunday through Thursday, there isn't much traffic in the place. My suggestion for national chains was for retail, intice a traffic-drawing retailer with space and a fantastic rent deal, then give them the freedom to turn the space however they'd like, open it up to the street or the boardwalk. I think one thing that would help was the idea of extending Granby St to Waterside Drive; has that idea made anymore headway or is the pedestrian stoplight the culmination of that idea?
  19. As successful as the nightclub phase was, tearing this building down will not happen, it's too much tax revenue to lose and would lose standing with national chains. I do however, marginally agree with expanding Town Pointe in place of Waterside. However since that won't happen, Waterside could benefit from street-level accesible retail instead of the enclosed space. It would be a great contrast to MacArthur in that sense. Eliminate the food court, try and pull some eclectic national chains into the mix, get rid of the mom and pop feel, relocate them to 21st St and Ghent. It's a dank, small building that feels tiny once you're inside it, you walk seemingly 20 feet and you've seen it all. It definitely needs improvement beyond the nightclubs.
  20. Mayor's Support of Expanded Bridge Tunnel Could End Regional Rift over Transportation
  21. Something is better than nothing, but i'm ready for this building to be torn down and get a real hotel/development on this site. But kudos to someone for finally taking a chance on this lackluster building
  22. Petty bs like this is the reason why NSU is perceived the way it is in regards to this project Why on God's green earth would there be issues that have yet to be aired on literally the eve of construction?! The time for grievances was months and/or years ago, and the idea that they're withholding additional concerns makes them look petty, uncoordinated and downright stupid. This politicking crap has got to stop.
  23. Off the NSU topic.... the Brambelton bridge is almost complete, but they've yet to begin construction for the bridge next to it for LR. Wouldn't it have made sense to kill two birds with one stone and have them both being worked on at the same time? Rather than completing the one and starting the other a month or two later? Anyone know anything about this, or were they waiting for financing to be guaranteed? (for LR from the feds)
  24. Traffic has certainly gotten worse, especially at the tunnels and bottle necks in the area. Add in the construction at Hampton (thankfully over now) and Battlefield with the dozen drawbridges, too-narrow lanes (264) and others....yeah traffic sucks. LA, NYC, San Fran, Seattle and DC, yes all have traffic. We'll never do away with traffic obviously. But one of the largest knocks on the cul-de-sac of the east coast is the amount of traffic with no cure or end in site. DC is constantly updating and working towards relief. Boston funded the largest traffic construction project in history. San Fran re-routed and destroyed an interstate smoothly rerouting. What have we done? Exactly like rus said, it should have been thought of 20 years ago. As far as the projects to use, the third crossing is the one project that will never go away. At first i was an opponent and skeptic, but now i understand that project would do more for this area than anything else. A interstate/bridge system essentially devoted to port traffic (not exclusively but close) would remove tractor trailers from the downtown, midtown and HRBT. You don't think that would speed things up exponetially? Reversing tubes isn't a bad idea but it just delays a few years, instead of a longterm fix, or help. rus, i disagree, i think something at this point is better than nothing. I'm tired of losing two hours of my day to traffic because i bought a house in Portsmouth. I want the leaders that we elected to put together something, anything towards the single biggest problem affecting this area. Was the TA perfect? Of course not. But you bet your butt i'd gladly pay an extra $1 per tank of gas, $3 every year on registration, etc. to get to and from faster. It's going to take compromise, sacrifice, and guts. I think the GA put together a great combination of the three. I understand where the courts are coming from, even if i personally disagree. But something's got to be done (i'm sure Gov Kaine and the GA realize this)
  25. I think the $30 - 40+ billion price tag is the hold up, not western VA. There's just too many projects needed and not enough money, and not enough time. It's going to take getting creative to fix it, which is what this plan was.
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