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  1. Some night shots. From Short St. From the Transit Center site. From Mill and Maxwell:
  2. I believe i saw a plan for the "entire city block" site on the active plans. If i remember right it was a 6 story mixed use proposal under the heading "Mark Acre Properties. I hope something nice goes up at the old church!
  3. It's another forum like this one. Skyscrapercity.com I'll provide a link to that address, thanks.
  4. Nice photos seicre, do you mind if i repost them over at SSC?
  5. Here are some more photos.
  6. I'm new to this forum. I usually post at SkyscraperCity but that site has been down for a couple days. Here's some of my photos. Looking East on Main 500's under Construction Shelbourne Plaza site prep (looking East toward S. Broadway and UK) POT in the distance. I hope you post images the same way here as you do at the other forum. If not theres some nice internet code to look at. Enjoy
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