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  1. Just saw this on News 14 Carolina. The Creative Corridors project is continuing to gather local input for the proposed improvements to Business 40 through downtown. They'll be having a meeting to discuss these improvements this Thursday, one meeting at one the other at six, at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. The video also gives a sneak peek at some of the improvements they're looking into for the corridor!!! Creative Corridors Project
  2. Opening day for Ziggy's is set: http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2011/jun/22/wsmet01-ziggys-rebirth-near-ar-1142252/
  3. I took a few photos about a month ago during rock the block. Nothing special really, just thought I'd add them:
  4. Some more info on the renovation of the Flatiron-ish building (or whatever it's called) over on Fourth Street. Apparently the building is home to a new clothing boutique! It's great to see that one of the more distinctive buildings in the Burke Street area is now occupied! http://downtownwinstonsalem.blogspot.com/2010/01/858-w-fourth-street-exciting-new-tenant.html
  5. The layoffs are regrettable but hopefully the park can whether this period and continue with its expansion. The factory district there is something of an underutilized redevelopment asset, given all the development interest focused around there. Here's hoping we get some goo news though in October!!
  6. Thanks for the info there Spartan that certainly does help explain some of the differences.
  7. That's true but the Bentley dealership is a small one, 5 or 6 cars in the showroom and maybe a few other ones outisde, but they DO have one. I really am suprised Lamborghini thinks there is enough business here for a stand alone dealership I also would have though the Foreign cars dealership would have at least a few Lamborghinis in stock on account of having a few Ferraris there, either way I just may have to plan a visit over there when they open!
  8. Even a modest change in South Carolina's municipal annexation laws would give South Carolina cities some much needed leverage in the planning process. Better oversight, more coordinated city/county planning efforts, needless duplication of city and county services, and better quality control on new development are just a few of the results that could arise from SC cities having more power to annex. There are plenty areas outside of Greenville that are undeniably urban and by anyone's guess would be considered a part of the city of Greenville yet aren't due to restrictive annexation practices the proposed legislation that would clamp down on city "doughnut holes" would at least be a modest start. I have noticed that Columbia, and Charleston particularly, have been more aggressive in capturing some of the surrounding growth, any particular reason behind this? I think there is more hostility to the idea of municipal annexation in the upstate but one would think that Greenville or Spartanburg would have at least made some modest annexations that would have tacked another 5,000 or 6,000 people to those census numbers. Any theories?
  9. Between this dealership and the Foreign Cars dealership a short drive up over near Guilford College, perhaps we should designate the Wendover Ave. area as the premier corridor for car-gawking in the Triad!
  10. Hello there, I've recently come into the Augusta area, while I usually lurk the Triad threads I figured that since I am in the area I would contribute a couple of photos I took from around downtown Augusta. While i'm only here for a brief time I figured that I while i'm here i'd share a few photos of the Augusta area that I have taken, hoepfully I can stock up the photo thread with some nice city photos. Either way here's a little of downtown Augusta! Finally here's a poor photo from today's July 4th Festivities Hopefully I can get some more later on!
  11. Here's some details from the Winston-Salem journal about the Baltimore developer who wants to bring an ambitous new development to PTRP which would renovate upwards of 1.1 million square feet of warehouses into office space for residential and retail units and some new lab space. It seems the company has mapped out how they're going doing to this pretty carefully, here's hopefully we can see this development come to fruition soon! http://www2.journalnow.com/content/2008/ju...ghts-develop-6/
  12. Its nice to know this building is getting a much needed makeover, I know some have questioned the look of the renovation but belive be its a real improvement. The old facade always looked like it was in a constant of construction and renovation with an odd assortment of paneling or lack thereof. Its also nice that John Kuhn is contirbuting to the arts district by making his studio more prominent and showing off some of his wares. His art is definetely worth seeing BTW and he has made something of a name for himself regionally as a great glass artist with his works being spotlighted on a feature on the state's PBS station although his art is insanly pricey. Let's hope that some more rehab work makes it way down Liberty Street!!
  13. I'm hesitant to start a whole new thread around one development alluded to in a Winston-Salem Journal paper editorial but apparently one of the editors at the journal alludes to a potentially significant development under proposal by a Baltimore developer that could really transform the industrial district over there, it also alludes to using and rehabbbing the old Power plant!!! http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...path=%2Fopinion
  14. I'm suprised this hasn't been mentioned more often here but does anyone know what progress is going on over at what used to be Tobacco Square? Renovation has been well underway for quite a while and the project may be completed soon, if not now, but I haven't been in the area to see for myself, either way some new apartments should be coming up on the market pretty soon.
  15. Not really downtown, per say, but its close enough to warrant a posting here. This has gone under the radar but Winston-Salem State has been building some new dorm hosuing for around 300 students, more information in the follwing journal article: http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...s=1037645509099
  16. While the Phillips Building is a large, vast, cavernous building well suited to filling basic office space needs it suffers from well, being a large vast, cavernous building that is one of the more unappealing buildings downtown. Granted wonderful reengineering has been preformed before on modern buildings (the old Wachovia Building in Greensboro being a case in point) it seems that the Commissioners would be rather unwilling to fork up the money to make it a viable structure. The current Hall of Justice is already a dated eyesore i'd hated to see county courtrooms moving into yet another blunt looking modern building. That would leave the City Hall and the jail of all places pulling the weight in terms of maintaining the architectural quality of downtown Winston-Salem's little government sector over there. Perhaps they can come up with something better but I doubt it.
  17. There are apparently a couple of openings to be announced over on Fourth Street! One restaurant is already open in the Nissen Building and two other openings are pending sometime over the summer. http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...s=1037645508988 Here's the other article mentioning some openings: http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...s=1037645507703
  18. Yeah I saw that article in the Journal, that is too bad. Its about this time that I regret that Winston has very little in the way of appropriate sites for the Mast General Store, a good chunk of skyscrapers but not a whole lot in the way of small 2-3 story buildings with a good, pedestrian scale, at least ones that are available. If Contempo Furniture had moved out of their spot on Fourth Street I'd say that that would be the most ideal place, hopefully though they are still shopping in the city somewhere.
  19. Here's one little bit of downtown progress that has slipped nicely under the radar. Apparently the Benton Convention Center has been getting a bit of a tune up with some new garden work and some significant exterior work that will be done later on. Link to article
  20. Here are a couple more I shot recently: Here a progress shot of the work being done on the new sanctuary for the First Presbyterian Chuch Trader's Row is topped out now and, needless to say, it certainly has quite a presence on Trade Street. Here's one from the Southeast Gateway showing the new YWCA that is under construction, which as of right now is the only significant piece of construction at the site, though there is some work being done to restore the creek that runs through the project. Also by the Southeast Gateway, construction is progressing nicely on the senior apartments and townhomes in the Happy Hill redevelopment This building is being built over in Winston's warehouse district, I have no clue as to what it is going to be when it is completed. Finally, here's a photo of Holly Village. It looks quite close to being finisehd and looks like it could be taking occupants sometime early this summer. Anyway that's all I got. I'll probably be able to get some photos when i'm back from school for the summer.
  21. There a great deal of announced projects in the city that have broken ground in just the past few months. Shown here are just a couple of the ones I could get photos of around the downtown. I'm in town for a little longer so i'll try and get some more photos of what's going on downtown: Apparently in Old Salem there doing another reconstruction job at the northern periphery of Old Salem. I don't have any idea as to what it is specifically but I think they might be reconstructing the blacksmith's house that used to be there. Here is progress on a project that was announced little more than a month ago!! The site by the Old Coca Cola factory on Marshall Street is undergoing demolition with several live/work units to be built there by O'Henry Builders of Greensboro. It great to see this development being put on the fast track to completion!! Perhaps most pleasing of all is that one of the most hyped up projects in downtown, West End Village is under way!!! Here the condo building is just getting started as are the townhomes behind it. Here is a closer view of the townhomes under construction Also here's a new rendering that was placed on one of the nearby buildings. Hopefully I'll have more to post tomorrow!!!!
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