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  1. Easy, to upload photos you must upload them to a server (like www.imageshack.us ) and then put the picture's link between the [ img ] and [ /img ] tags (without the spaces between [ and the word "img". Tambien cuando vas a postear una respuesta, aparece un cuadrito con un arbol, le haces click y te aparecera un pop up pidiendote la url (link) de la imagen, lo pones y aparecera ya todo hecho. Es facil.
  2. Depending on what will be the use of the tower, I would "suggest" to build it in Hato Rey, so the tallest buildings of San Juan can be together. I'm desperate to find more information about that tower ... but there's nothing official yet.
  3. YES!! This is exactly what boricuba told us. http://pal.prwow.com:8087/html/Archives/Ar...hp?archID=20520 They plan to demolish a Pueblo Supermarket and make the skyscraper there. Then the supermarket will be under the building. This will be awesome!!!
  4. yep! That's true ... But I think that the government has changed that because a person from another forum (skyscrapercity.com) told us that there were plans to build a 50 stories building in San Juan, which is going to be the tallest building in the Caribbean finaly a skyscraper en San Juan!!!
  5. Yes, there are height limits, but I don't know what's the maximum. I have fixed the links, I think that Emporis doesn't support hotlinking ... You can now click on the URL's and see the renders.
  6. Coliseum Tower Residences Location Subbarrio: Mart