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  1. But I think the distinction the airport and the chamber has been playing up is "North America's cargo hub" which is still true and likely will be for the foreseeable future...
  2. ^along with some speculation about a mini-AirTran hub here
  3. They are cutting back some flights in Canada and Mexico, but in the U.S., Memphis is the only city affected by their cuts. Supposedly, they're blaming the cuts on the price of fuel.
  4. Rardy

    Downtown Omaha

    The new 4-story Hampton Inn on Cuming St. in DT Omaha opened today. It's the first hotel to open in downtown since the Hilton in 2004. An 8-story Homewood Suites next door opens in January. WH article here>>
  5. I think you guys are right on both above posts - good points. I guess what I'm wondering though is if it's worth the extra cost to consumers to have a legacy hub here. In booking our Christmas travel, of the four cities we are traveling to, Memphis was the most expensive by $300/seat - so expensive, in fact, we're going to have to drive in and out of here, and fly between the other 3 cities. And Frontier definitely is not living up to it's reputation as an LCC. I'm really beginning to question the merit of having a hub on grounds other than prestige... It has definitely been shown to drive the cost to locals up, thus reducing our O&D traffic.
  6. Rardy

    Perkins Rowe

    Is there a CHURCH in the middle of Perkins Rowe??? Those pics really look like an entirely new downtown. That's so weird. Cool...but weird.
  7. I'm oh so jealous. The best I can do is CPK frozen pizzas from Target!
  8. ^The concept of an "aerotropolis" doesn't have anything to do with the airline/aeronautical industry (sorry if I'm reading you guys wrong, but I've finally figured out how Albuquerque come into the conversation). Kasarda defines an aerotropolis as "an aviation linked urban form consisting of an airport surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of light industrial space, office space, upscale retail mix, business-class hotel accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, recreation, golf courses, and single and multiple-family housing." See more here>> Basically, it's jobs and lifestyles that are linked to, or dependent on, an airport. It's using the airport as a tool for economic growth, which Memphis has been successful at mainly because of FedEx. Almost a quarter of Memphis jobs, according to Sparks Bureau of Economic Research, are dependent on MEM. This really has nothing to do with aviation or aeronautics, because they comprise a very small percentage of those jobs.
  9. ^LOL...that's kinda harsh. The airport isn't exactly the armpit... But now let's be fair. The airport area does include some nice developments - specifically the office park off 240 at Millbranch with Medtronic. And airports rarely sit in nice areas, because honestly, they don't make very good neighbors. I can think of a LOT of airports I've flown in and out of that make MEM not look so bad (specifically LAX and LGA). But back to the aerotropolis, I really think the concept is based off the number/rate of jobs rather than aesthetics or crime rates...
  10. I think we're by far the furtherest along in becoming an aerotropolis, so...yes.
  11. Rardy

    Downtown Omaha

    Phase 2 of downtown's Riverfront Place condominiums is about to begin, with 20 of 53 units reserved including the $2 million penthouse. It will be a 15 story building just feet away from the Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge. Construction is scheduled to begin in early '08:
  12. :-) I don't know that there's a lot of creativity allowed when it comes to airport control towers...
  13. Per today's CA, River Inn of Harbor Town on Mud Island is open. It sounds super cool. It has 28 guest rooms with a library on each floor, a fireplace in the lobby that was salvaged from New Orleans after Katrina, and heart of pine wooden floors from a razed mill in Virginia. It also has 2 restaurants - a high end and a grill that will cater to Mud Island. Rooms start at $245.
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