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  1. Damn, I am so jealous!!!! I am just waiting for some finances to come together (pesky building projects...), then I'm there!
  2. I believe you cannot legally withhold rent if it is not a direct life-safety violation (ie, no heat in winter, sewage problem, or fire safety). If they do, they may risk eviction.
  3. The one on Broad Street is very busy pretty much 24-7, has about 50 spots probably (some of which are shared), and NEVER comes close to being full...
  4. I can't find it...let me know if you track it down!
  5. That really sucks - I was mugged in Barcelona awhile ago, and it was a pretty shocking experience, as I'm sure this was. As great as Montreal is, it most definitely has some peculiar urban problems that I can only vaguely compare to San Francisco, with wildly divergent neighborhoods (the wealthiest of the wealthy and poorest of the poor) butting right up next to each other. There was an inordinate number of drunks and homeless/mentally people pretty much all over the city, even in the bitter cold, which was a bit depressing. anyway, sorry to hear. glad you are alright...
  6. I was just in Montreal too...fantastic time. The Hotel Gault was really amazing and I highly recommend, as well as O' Chalet for dinner. Very nice pic, Garris. I can attest to the bone-chilling cold!
  7. I got a Fein Multimaster RS for christmas: My new favorite toy if anyone needs something for cutting holes in sheetrock or scraping and sanding, this thing cannot be beat!
  8. This is about the most poorly reported article I have ever seen. Central Falls needs to be given to Massachusetts or absorbed by The Bucket or Lincoln... Also, apparantly, the Central Falls City Council has submitted a letter that they will go along with eminent domain proceedings if the Pawtucket council passes it.
  9. throwing out the vote on the seperation of the properties will nullify the vote for eminent domain, which means it can come back in January AFTER the new city councilors come in. Those councilors MAY be more in favor of the eminent domain issue.
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