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  1. GSP will build new $1.5 million, 4,600 square foot general aviation terminal, to replace the original terminal that has been out of service for more than a year because of extensive water damage due to a roof collapse in early 2007.
  2. Is this a totally new building or just a remodel with the residential element added. the bottom rendering looks as if the residential units are just added on top and around the old building.
  3. Thanks for posting that article, good read.
  4. I know this is off topic, but the last few weeks I have been trying to restore and archive some of my Dads old photos, some of witch were in very bad shape. I just thought I would share one with you guys. This is a photo of C.R. Laughter [My Dad on the right ] doing maintenance on one of the [68] 40 mm AA guns aboard the U.S.S. Randolph [C.V.15 Ticonderoga class] aircraft carrier. This was 1946 and my dad was 18 years old
  5. wheatie, I agree with you 100%. I did the same measurements you did, and I came up with 1.01 miles from the center of the Woodruff R.d bridge to the center of Old Sulphur Springs, and 1.19 miles from old Sulphur Springs to the center of Laurens Rd. bridge. Now I'm like you I don't know how DOT dose its measurements, but this is more room than a lot of interchanges already in Greenville on 85 [An example is Hyw. 14 and the new bridge for GSP at 0.72 miles from center to center]
  6. A new road, actually the extension of Carolina Point Pkwy. A four lane divided Hwy. will run down the center of these two new developments from Woodruff Rd. to Old Sulphur Springs Rd. You will be able to turn right to get to Verdae blvd., left to go to Mauldin on Forrester Dr. or straight across to Laurens Rd., on Millennium Boulevard, the four lane road that goes through the I-CAR campus
  7. I was looking through some old photos, and came across this one taken in Helena Ga, last summer. Defiantly not high class, but good food, great service, cold beer, and a lot of fun. I would love to see something like this along our River Walk, with live music at lest on the weekends.
  8. I'm in Biloxi Mississippi, Working on a Belk store and will not be home till Sunday.
  9. Cricket, I have to agree with R.T. on this. One of the best I've seen from this angle. Great shot!
  10. Coming Home to Greenville, A Delta jet lands at G.S.P.
  11. Do any of you guys use Windows Live Messenger? If you do, Microsoft has launched a new initiative called "i'm Making A Difference, so that every time you use Messenger, Microsoft will share part of the advertising money with one of the organizations involved, [you pick the one you want to support.] So if you already use Messenger 8.1, this is a great way to get involved and help Microsoft give something back.
  12. Man, I loved that show, I Had forgotten all about it.
  13. Cricket, I just hope he is not hunting this friendly Mama Bear.
  14. Me and David Copperfield were at the Peace Center Tuesday night maybe all the people were out to see me.
  15. Cricket, great shot! I'm so happy I ran into you this A.M. R.T. I love the photos you've been posting lately, are you using a polarizer or some other filter?
  16. Ive been taking a lot of photos of the wild life around Falls Park lately.
  17. If your coming up Stone ave. from the Handlebar, this would on your right about two blocks up. It's across the street from a little shop called Whatever if you know where thats at.
  18. Just a guess, but the building and the stone wall on the right,look like Anderson St. at Vardry St.
  19. The last time I was there, it was no smoking until after 9:00 PM.
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