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  1. This is one I did of the same building, trying to get the same "antiqueish" look.
  2. Thanks Spartan, I didn't know this, and the guy that told me couldn't remember the name.
  3. Someone told me today that a large sporting-goods chain has purchased the old Lowe's building in Spartanburg and are also looking at a location in Greenville. They told me the chain had a store in Greenville at one time, but left the market, and they couldn't remember the name. Do any of you guys know what this is?
  4. Skyliner, I talked to the owners when they were moving in, and they told me that they had ordered new display racks, but they were going to use the old ones from another store so they could get open for this past weekend
  5. I was doing some work on the site in front of Doc Chey's, all the work that I did is just infrastructure work, just getting water and sewer onto the site, but I was told it was going to be a steakhouse. Also the lot next to Azia was sold 1/17/07 to a company called Tiger Paw LLC. from Fountain Inn. Not a very good photo but it was taken for work.
  6. Zahc, I cant speak for the rest of the guys here, but I for one relay appreciate this comment. I think that everyone that post on this thread cares deeply for our City/ County and realize Greenville is an "other" world, that keeps getting better everyday. Thanks for the comment. Ron
  7. puskunk, I love the long exposures, I'm going to have try some of these.
  8. Great shots puskunk, Love the night shot Beowulf!
  9. Thanks gsupustate, Yes it was at Lake Conestee.
  10. This shot was made at 85-90 feet, with my new Sony VCL-DH-1758 1.7X Telephoto Adapter lens. The adapter changes the max focal length of my Sony DSC-H2s Carl Zeiss lens from 38-432 mm to 734 mm with an effective range of 114- 734 mm [35mm equivalants]
  11. Another shot from the Lake Conestee nature Park. This is the Beaver dam on Marrow Bone Creek that forms the large wetlands before it joins the Reedy River. If you guys haven't had a chance to get out here yet,it is well worth a Saturday morning drive.This park will be one of the jewels in the green-way system.
  12. Vaughn Russell Candy kitchen, will open its second store in Greenville, in the small shop on the river walk, in the Hampton Inn building. Its the shop closest to Art Crossing. And should be open within two weeks. The shop next to it has been leased to an ice cream shop.
  13. I don't Know about you guys, but I think This is one of the coolest things Ive seen the city do yet.
  14. I love this place, Great shot puskunk!
  15. Great Shots guys! crescentmoon, I hear the same thing. I don't think they have started working on it yet. This will be great for down town and well with in walking distance from my home.
  16. I know I'm late on this, but I just found out today that the activity you see is not construction they are taking dirt from the back of the hill where a road and plaza will be and using it at Magnolia Park.
  17. This is the photo I took the crop from I posted earlier. Thanks for the input everyone, I'm still new to this photography stuff and can use all the advice I can get.
  18. Thanks Chickenwing I will have to try that.
  19. Thanks gsupstate, I like it but I think NYTs shots are a lot better, I cant figure out how to get ride of the green from the street lamps. This is a crop from a photo I took the other morning, If you guys like it I will post the original later.
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